Thanksgiving Day Count Down

Here is a suggested Thanksgiving Timeline:

By Saturday:  Have your menu selected.  Get your turkey purchased.  The experts suggest you allow four to five days for thawing in the refrigerator.  I think it takes longer depending on the size of the bird.  Plan and make the centerpiece.  Order fresh flowers ahead since florists are busy!

On Sunday – prepare a shopping list to purchase last minute items and non-perishables on Monday or Tuesday.

Monday and Tuesday – prepare pie crust, cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing can be started by setting out the bread to stale.  Start rolls to finish in the morning.

Make sure all the dishes, flatware and serving pieces are ready.  Press tablecloths and napkins so everything is ready.

Wednesday –  Complete baking rolls, pies and desserts, prepare vegetables, salads and side dishes to be baked today and reheated tomorrow, or to be baked tomorrow; stock for giblet gravy and set the table after dinner.

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2 comments to Thanksgiving Day Count Down

  • Micala

    I am wondering what roll recipe you used that you start one day and finish the next. I tried one from Cook’s magazine this year but, alas, it did not work and our rolls were flat. I really wanted to cook them hot on Thursday morning just to enjoy the fragrant aroma!

  • Thanksgiving graphics…

    Having access to tons of web sites dealing with this is optimum….

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