How do you use your Bosch Universal?

Here are some ways I use my Bosch Universal other than kneading bread. (This does not include the use of optional attachments.)

You can use a Bosch to:

  • Make your own healthy salad dressings
  • Puree tomatoes
  • Make cookies ( use batter whips, cookie paddles, or dough hook)
  • Mash potatoes
  • Puree cooked beans, lentils and split peas for soups, sauces, and dips.
  • Make bread crumbs
  • Crack Grain
  • Chop up nuts
  • Mix meat loaves (use batter whips or cookie paddles)
  • Prepare pesto
  • Prepare hummus
  • Prepare salsa
  • Mix cakes and quick breads
  • Whip cream fast and easy
  • Beat egg whites to the stiff peaks stage for meringues, etc. (Quick and easy)

Read all the comments below for countless other way to make use of your Bosch Universal Plus in your kitchen including making playdough!

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32 comments to How do you use your Bosch Universal?

  • julie Schweinsberg

    I like to get as much fruit into the kids as I can. We make a smoothie everday consisting of one whole, peeled orange, one banana, one apple, frozen mixed berries, frozen strawberries and yogurt. Yum! It sure is good.

  • Marci Heemstra


    I made a great discovery last year when I had a craving for pecan pie but had not pecans. I threw all the ingredients for the pie (eggs, vanilla etc) into the Bosch Blender and gave it a spin. Then I added almonds and grated coconut to the blender and gave it another spin until the almonds were chopped up a bit. I poured it all into the pie crust and baked as usual. The result was the best pie we’ve ever had. I have tried the recipe on other freinds and family and it is always a hit.

  • Cynthia Jump

    One way I enjoy using my Bosch is making my own baby food.
    Simply start out by steaming fresh vegetables, fruits or meats. Put a little fruit juice or water from the food you are making into the Bosch blender. and add fruit, vegetables or meat. Blend to desired consistency.
    An easy way to freeze baby foods is in food cubes of ice trays. Just pop out the frozen cubes and store in clean ziploc bags in the freezer for up to one to two months.
    It’s so easy and healthy. Just microwave cubes as needed and serve to your little one!

  • Pamela Hinshaw

    I use my new Bosch, which I received as a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband, to make homemade whole wheat dog treats using the left over gravy or sauce from roasts or bacon fat.

  • Fran

    I grind flax seed and put it into just about everything; pancakes, bread, crackers, etc. It makes everything taste so good, adds fiber, essential oils and nutrition to what I put it in. I even add ground flax to smoothies (which I also do in my Bosch).

  • Laura Wynia

    I use the blender of my Bosch Universal to make a nutritious green smoothie each morning. I use a mixture of about 60% fresh fruit and 40% fresh greens. The fruit gives it a pleasant flavor, and the greens gie it super nutrition. It’s important to vary the greens daily for best nutrition. Ripe pear (1-2) + fresh Kale (4-5 leaves) + fresh mint (to taste) is my favorite. Grapefruit + fresh greens (romaine, spinach, etc.) or Orange + fresh greens are also good at this time of year. The Bosch has enough power to make a smooth smoothie, even putting the greens in whole!

  • I make smoothies and freeze the prepared smoothie into popsicles for my children on a hot day, also baby food, by first cooking any steamed veggies (lots of times sweet potato- baby’s favorite) and puree it in the blender and then freezing the puree in ice cube trays covered with plastic wrap for individual servings

  • I use the blender on my Bosch to turn cookies into fine crumbs for either a filling in an ice cream cake or to make cookie balls.

    Cookie balls
    20 oz oreo cookies
    8 oz cream cheese
    chocolate and vanillia almond bark

    Blend cookies into fine crumbs. Mix in Bosch (with cookie paddles) with cream cheese. Roll into balls. Refrigerate until chilled. Melt almond bark. Dip cookie balls in almond bark put on wax paper and return to fridge. Easy but excellent

    Wherever I take these I come back with an empty plate. :-)

  • Christine

    It makes a light, fluffy graham cracker crust cheesecake

  • Laura Wynia

    To the fruit and greens in the blender, be sure to add 12-16 oz. cold water. This assures good blending, and a pleasant drinking consistency.

  • Anita Chamblee

    This morning we are making blender waffles with our Bosch. Due to various skin conditions and under the advice of our chiropractor, we are trying to get off of wheat. Sue Gregg’s Blender Waffles recipe has various alternatives to wheat. This morning we are using brown rice and oats. The blender works hard to make the batter smooth.

    We also use it to mix up breads, pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, salad dressing, puree fruits,….all that you mentioned, plus biscuits. I love how my biscuits turn out in the Bosch. All ready to turn out onto a floured countertop to cut out for the oven.

    My Bosch was a Christmas present about 4 years ago. I think we have used it almost everyday since!! This machine, along with my deep freezers, has made my busy life of homeschooling six children for the past nineteen years much easier. My daughters enjoy using it as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    Anita Chamblee

  • Hi Marilyn,
    I use the dough hook when mixing up meatloaves, casseroles and hamburger patties for the freezer. I like it better since the strings in the meat do not get stuck in the whips and it is much easier to clean. I also do pie dough, and the fillings, homemade pasta dough, sweet potato casserole, chocolate ganache, frostings, homemade pudding, etc along with most of the dishes that you mentioned above. Thanksgiving Day I used my Bosch, washed it, reused, washed, reused….. 😉 I got mine as a wedding present from my parents, and it is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It makes cooking so much fun and so easy!! I think my dishes are better mixed and therefore tastier.
    Have a lovely day!

  • Mrs. Courtney Mount

    Our family loves Indian tacos like you buy at the fair. We use our Bosch to make the Indian fry bread. Yummy!!

  • Christine

    I like to use my Bosch to mix up large batches of quick mixes from my Make a Mix book. In fact we have done gallons of these ahead of time for large church meetings all quickly and easily in the Bosch. I never did like cutting in shortening and now my Bosch does it for me :-)

    I use the batter whips and just make sure that the butter(healthier) is softened.


  • Cathy

    We purchase raw milk and I make butter in my Bosch blender. Let it go until you hear a difference in the sound. About 7 minutes on speed 1. The butter will be around the blades and the rest is buttermilk!

  • Dori

    I put my food scraps in with some water and blend it up to break it down. The resulting “slurry” goes into the compost pile; in this form it can be used much more quickly and efficiently and keeps the compost pile humming along faster. It may seem gross, but it’s really just clean food until it hits the compost pile! (we never compost meat scraps; just veggie waste and peels, etc.!)

  • Rachel Kjos

    I shredded baked chicken breasts for a stir-fry dish with the whisks in the Bosch bowl. You just have to watch, because it shreds quickly! A much nicer option compared to using hands and a fork on warm chicken!

  • So many have already mentioned the things I do…I guess I’m out of the running! It seems like I use my Bosch daily. I use the beaters, whips and dough hook for bread making, of course, to make mashed potatoes with ease (my Bosch really impressed my MIL this Christmas!), making baby food when there’s a need, preparing fresh butter, to whip cream, make frostings, to mix meatloaf without getting my hands all sticky…I make my biscuits in it, large batches of cookies, pies, cakes, etc.

    I use the blender to make creamed soups smooth and finished, prepare yummy, healthy smoothies (green and sweet), which I often freeze into popscicles, grind seeds and nuts (my Nutrimill does all the rest!), make up spice mixes, whir oatmeal into oat flour for pancakes. I have tried Sue Gregg’s Blender Batters, but my family prefers my old fashioned recipes. I mix large quantities of homemade hot cereal blends ahead of time and store them in the freezer. I love to make granola with it…

    My Bosch is the most versatile appliance! I wouldn’t know how to cook without it!

    Dori, your idea is great! How clever you are!


  • Joy Vincent

    We use the cookie paddles to mix homemade frosting to put on the cakes that my daughter decorates. We burned up 2 hand mixers trying to make the frosting, but the Bosch has no problem with the thickness of the frosting.
    We also use it for bread, cookies, egg whites, waffle batter, etc.

  • Patty Konrad

    I use my blender to puree banana peels. I then spread them around my rose bushes for addes potassium.

  • Amy Stanley

    I use my blender (besides all the other ideas already presented!) to take dry bread crust and make it into bread crumbs for recipes. Much quicker and easier than with a rolling pin or hands or the box grater. I also use it to mix up a big batch of Candy Cane Bath salts. You need the large bowl to make this, unless you cut the recipe down. I’m going to save a bunch of these ideas to try! Thanks!

  • Tracy

    We recently used my Bosch mixer to make a large batch of egg nog shakes! We simply softened vanilla ice-cream a bit by leaving it on the counter for a few minutes, then used the cookie paddles to mix ice-cream and egg nog. It was yummy and fast!

  • Amy Stanley

    Oh, I forgot to mention. I’ve used the blender to make peanut butter too. Not sure why that hasn’t been mentioned yet!

  • genet

    This isn’t exactly something you can eat, but I have small children and I teach even more at our church. I have used the Bosch to make large batches of playdough, salt dough, and cinnamon dough for making ornaments.
    It keeps my own children busy while I cook.
    The children at church love the playdough, and I let them take a small amount home with them! Why not? I can easily make more! Our class attendance has risen since I started this.

  • Sandy

    I love the way it mixes flour and butter for a great pie crust. I use the whips and softened butter. Although my food processor does OK with the flour/butter mix, it overmixes the water. But the Bosch doesn’t and you can make several recipes at once. Then it is easy to roll, dust, fold, and freeze the extrs so you can have them on hand when you need them.

  • Annika

    Make Baby Food
    Make Smoothies
    Fresh Pumpkin Puree to Freeze for winter

  • Late submission: I just saw your contest in your newsletter. I am not expecting to get an ebook but I just thought you would be interested to know that we use our Bosch in our family business. We have made our energy bars, Olympic Munch Bars, for 7 years now, using the stainless steel bread bowl to mix the dry with the honey. Works perfectly! We have made thousands of batches over the years. Besides making our energy bars, we have made bread for customers nearly every week for going on 8 years. So our machines (now have owned two) have had the ultimate testing. I recommend Bosch to everyone!

    For those interested, we have used our machine steadily for many hundreds (maybe even tousands) of hours. We did replace our very first machine as we just felt sort of like it needed to have a respectable retirement : ) We still use it in our family home baking.

  • I really love my Bosch and use it for so many things. In scanning through this list, I don’t remember seeing this idea: We use our blender to grind coffee beans as well as nuts and flaxseeds (as so many others do). 1/19/08

  • I love to use my Bosch to make many things, but my favorite recipe is for Spelt Chocolate Chip Scones, and I mix a healthy snack called Space Balls (like krispy treats only with healthy ingredients). I also make a healthy Chocolate Mousse made with tofu (family favorite for 18 years) in my blender. The blender makes it so smooth, everyone raves!

    I don’t know what I’d do without my Bosch!!!

  • Pamela Hinshaw

    JoAnn’s Space Balls are out of this world yummy, you should post the recipe JoAnn.

    I also found that the Bosch blender can crush dried herbs and tea leaves into the most fantastic powder. I tried using my Cuisinart food processor and it left the leaves and herbs chunky. I’ll never go back to using that machine again. My Bosch mixer/blender is my Proverbs 31 servant!

  • Pamela Hinshaw

    Oh, I forgot to say that I heard (haven’t tried it yet) that you can put heavy whipping cream and a little salt in the blender and blend for about 8 minutes and presto you have fresh butter. Add that to the fresh bread you can whip up in the mixer and mmmmmm!

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