Slumgullion Stew


It has been just so cold lately around here, with snow coming in every few days to drop a few more inches. Really, this is not normal for our area of Colorado, but it is normal for the mountains.

So soups and stews really sounded good to me, beef stew in particular. I made our Slumgullion Stew a week or so ago for us and for friends and caught a picture before we ate it all up. Here is the recipe for Slumgullion Stew.


I made it up on a Saturday morning in my cast iron pan. Let it sit all day, and reheated it for dinner. I think that sitting process allows the flavors to develop and everyone thought it was fantatic. Try it!

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8 comments to Slumgullion Stew

  • Rodney Jason Rorex

    First heard of Slumgullion Stew in a movie called “It Happened on 5th Avenue”. Sounded delicious! So I’m gonna give it a taste. Get back to you with the family and friends reaction. God bless you.

  • Lynn

    In my family, slumgullion was canned spaghetti with ground beef and chopped green olives added. Good, but nothing to get excited about.

    I was intrigued to hear of the slumgullion stew in the movie “It Happened on 5th Avenue”. The way the characters talked about it made my mouth water — I wanted to taste it!

    This version sounds good; I’ll try it!

  • Angelina

    Love the sound of your recipe but what am I supposed to do with the black eyed peas??

  • I’m Irish but raised in the US and have never had Slumgullion stew. I too heard of it today through the movie “It happened on 5th Avenue”. It sounded good so I looked it up. It sounds like something good for the family. I think I’ll try it.

  • Leah

    This looks like it would make a decent freezer meal. I might have to try it this winter… yum!

  • Sanhdy

    I am making Slumgullian stew to have New Years Eve as we watch It Happened on 5th Avenue. It is one of our favorite movies.

  • Marann

    Count me in the group of people who have just watched “It Happened On Fifth Ave ue” (great old movie by the way!) and was curious about the slumgullion they raved about in the movie. Come to find out it is a stew my mom used to make. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  • I have made this recipe for over forty years. In our family, it’s made either the day before or early that morning and let sit. It is almost mandatory to have homemade white of French bread to go along with it.

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