Winter Wonderland in Paonia, Colorado

Last week I talked about how we had been having 1-3 inches of snow every few days for about 3 weeks. Now I know you think heavy snow is normal for Colorado, but that is really only true in the mountain areas. Most of the state is semi-arid plains so we get very little precipitation including snow in the plains areas, normally.

The very next day, we had about 10 more inches of snow! Our property along the road is bordered by large blue spruces that captured much of the fallen snow because it was so cold. To me the trees are at their most beautiful when snow frosted.

My daughters Laura and Mary realized they needed to “plow” the heavy snow off the trampoline before it gave way to the weight. Sadie, the dog, mostly wanted to help by playing joyfully in the deep snow, but paused long enough to pose for this picture with Laura.

Laura, my photographer daughter walked around the neighborhood and got some more pictures the next day. This is a picture of Mt Lamborn, near our home. It dominates the local area.

Around the corner from us is a beautiful log home with a split rail fence in front. Laura capatured the snow depth before it could melt off. It has been so cold, I am not sure if it is melted off yet or not.

Around another corner of a long country road in the other direction are some huge hay bails to feed the livestock. We live on one acre so we don’t have any hay or outdoor animals, yet.

What has winter been like around your town lately?  Could you use some Chili Chasing Chili Recipes to get warmed up.  I have gathered all my Chili Recipes together in one place.

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20 comments to Winter Wonderland in Paonia, Colorado

  • Gretchen Barlow

    Great pictures. You got the storm that passed through our area last week. I live in Northern California at the base of Mt. Shasta. The snow stayed frozen on all the trees and roads for days. It is so peaceful to wake up to everything snow covered and glistening. I enjoy your recipes and articles. God Bless.

  • The pictures are just wonderful! Almost makes me like winter… ALMOST! How can snow look so pretty & make me feel so icky in person!

  • Bonnie Christensen

    Thanks so much for those wonderful pictures. I live in Broomfield CO but am not familiar with Paonia CO. Where about is that?

  • What lovely pictures! Your daughter is talented.
    God bless,
    Malia Russell

  • Karen

    Your pictures look as if they came out of a great book! We rarely see show here in Alabama, and when we do, it usually is a small amount lasting only a day or two. My younger children have never seen it in person – they just have to enjoy it in pictures. I will be sure to share yours with them. Isn’t God wonderful to give us such beautiful things to enjoy? Thank you for sharing!

  • Dannette Barros

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  • Terrill

    These pictures are lovely. I grew up in PA where we had snow and I had forgotten just how pretty the winter landscape can be. I’m in FL now and have come to appreciate our winters (not as tropical as you might think). The picture with the mountain made me long for one in my backyard. :)

    Thanks for the nice way to start the day.

  • Elissa

    Look like great fun! Here in WI we’re getting some snow now too. It’s lovely, and I love it.

  • Beutiful! We get nothing like that in Austin, TX.

  • Sandy

    These scenes are absolutely gorgeous!! We are wishing for just enough snow to go sledding at least once this year. But here in East Tn, we haven’t seen much at all in the last few years.

  • Oh, it’s truly beautiful!!!!
    Being a horse lover, I especially liked the LARGE bales of hay, as there’s a shortage of hay around here right now & we’re paying a premium for it.

    Your dd’s are beautimous and look like they are enjoying themselves IMMENSELY!

    Hey, I have friends who live in Paonia. My best friend’s son & dil live there…Seth & Chelsey Weber on her sister’s ranch. Her sister’s name is Penny and she lost her husband about 4-5 years ago. Do you know them? They’re all incredible followers of our Lord.

    Thanks for the winter wonderland eye candy!
    God bless you as you play in the snow.

    Cindy L. Ortagus
    Daughter of the King
    Certified Herbalist

  • We lived near Glenwood Springs CO for a year, and I vaguely remember Paonia. It is truly a beautiful place. Great pics…thanks for sharing your snow, as we get very little here in North TX.

  • Jenn

    Thanks for sharing you beautiful photos. We moved from Colorado Springs (Falcon) to Alaska just last month.

  • I love the beautiful snow. I wish we had snow like that at least once down here in North Georgia. It just doesn’t happen. We got a wintry mix last night and it left snow on the rooftops and cars…but that was it, ans it is all gone now. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lori Barron

    Love the pictures! The mountain is so majestic, the snow so beautiful. I live in the south and we don’t see much snow.

  • Dawn Cozad

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! Wish we had some of the beautiful snow here, but then, the winter is not over yet. ;^)

    God bless!

  • Sarah brooks


  • Marion Sills

    Great pictures. This is my old stomping grounds. I liked in Hotchkiss for a few years. Although the snow is beautiful I will stay in AZ where the weather is just right right now.
    God Bless You,

  • Kim sent these on to me. Wow! You are living in my favorite place in the
    world! We had thirteen blessed years there. Here in Kansas we also have snow this year and more than usual but Ks. snow never compares with God’s lovely display in Western Colo. God Bless!! Gayle

  • Diane Williams-Perry

    Marilyn, What GREAT pictures! Nina sent them to me. We have had quite a bit of snow here in Rifle, and much colder than normal temps. However, not as much as you all!

    Your daughters are all grown up!


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