Life is fragile, Please Pray

A delightful, beautiful, talented 13 year old homeschooled girl died in our town on Easter Sunday. You see, she was at her voice lesson last week and was fine.

By Wednesday she came down with some sniffles and cold symptoms most likely caught from her brothers.

By Saturday, her mom took her to the ER, and she was treated and released.

On Sunday she collapsed before arriving at the ER and arrived in the emergency room in grave condition. She was immediately flight for life to Denver. They lost her on the ambulance ride from a helicopter to a hospital. Her mom was on the helicopter but not in the ambulance.

That suddenly a life was taken by almighty God whose timing is always perfect. We humans don’t understand these things. I don’t.

I feel bad and have moist eyes just writing this note as the burial is in about an hour.

My daughter Mary was looking forward to playing several duets with her at the piano recital in May. She is stunned and saddened.

There is a family that needs a lot of prayer. They say you never get over burying a child. The medical staff at the hospital is devastated. There are a lot of people this young lady touched in just the few months she has lived here. Pray for all of us. I’m not too good at funerals. I”m taking lots of hankies.

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4 comments to Life is fragile, Please Pray

  • How sad for this family! Sounds like she just had the flu like everyone else… my heart is broken for her loved ones, most especially your daughter.

  • Jen B.

    As a Mom of a 13 yo daughter myself, I will definatly lift up this family in prayer. Life is not easy here. God has his reasons for everything we go through. Our prayers are also with you Marilyn and your family. I pray your daughter will also have strength in this time of loss.

  • Lynne in NC

    Loss is never easy, especially when it’s a young person, unexpected and a dear friend.
    You and your family are in my prayers as is the dear one’s family. I pray that you all will find peace and comfort during this time of mourning.
    Thank you for reaching out to your Internet friends and soliciting our prayer coverage. One never knows how our Lord will work through His people in times like this.
    Lynne in NC

  • Debbie Ft Wood, MO

    Dear Marilyn,

    Loss is never easy and although there are no words that can be uttered or typed to ease some of the pain for your loss I would like to let you, your families and the town know that I send my deepest condolenses. I am very sorry for your loss and you will be in my prayers.

    Sincerely and with the utmost sympathy,

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