Living on a Dime

If you listen or read news headlines in the last few weeks, you have been hearing  all  about higher food prices, sharply higher gas prices, mortgage banking crises, wheat shortages, economic woes and so forth.

Many of you are familiar with Living On A Dime and with Tawra and Jill’s money saving, get-out-of-debt, frugal living and homemaking tips.

Well, Tawra has let me know that Living On A Dime is extending a very special offer to you, my readers. This offer includes all of the Living On A Dime e-books in one package along with free bonus downloads.

The “Savin’ O’ The Green” e-book package will help you learn new strategies to stretch your paycheck and fight high prices!

The great news is that Tawra is offering this package to you at $17, a substantial discount off of the regular price for all of these e-books. With the rising price of gas and groceries, it’s good to know that some prices are actually going down!

This collection of ebooks is a $119.00 value,  for just $17.00!

I just had to share it with you! Check it out!

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