Response to AP article on water contaminated with Pharmaceuticals


I received the following information from the leading manufacturer of solid carbon block drinking water filters to the story about Pharmaceuticals in water today.  I hope you will read it, and realize there is no need for alarm or fear.  Prudent homemakers will invest in the most effective drinking water system on the market, which fortunately is very reasonably priced.

Multi-Pure International is responding to a report by the Associated Press (AP) regarding widespread contamination of public drinking water supplies by pharmaceutical drugs. Multi-Pure has been aware of the issue of these drugs making their way into public water supplies for
several years.

However, NSF International, the leading certifying body in the
industry, does not have established test protocols for
pharmaceuticals; and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
has not established allowable limits for any over-the-counter or
prescription drugs found in drinking water supplies. Multi-Pure,
and all other drinking water treatment manufacturers cannot make
any NSF certified claims to remove pharmaceuticals from water.

However, Multi-Pure can assure its customers that they use the
industry’s most widely certified filter system on the market,
which outperforms all other NSF Certified drinking water systems
in terms of contaminant reduction
. Multi-Pure has led the
industry in introducing new technologies to address emerging
contaminants found in our nation’s water supplies.

The AP report also cites bottled water as not being a safe
alternative, as it is often processed and repackaged tap water.

The AP report names reverse osmosis as being effective at
removing “virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants,” but does
not cite any test data to substantiate this claim.

Since 1970 Multi-Pure International has been an industry leader
in high performance drinking water filters for home or office.
Multi-Pure was the leading developer of carbon block water
filters and was the first manufacturer to gain NSF Std. 53
certification for the reduction of many contaminants such as
Lead, PCBs, Arsenic V, and Toxaphene.

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