Save money by Cooking at Home

Sometimes tremendous savings in the food budget can be made by cooking from scratch, compared to using pre-packaged, pre-processed convenience foods. In some cases, though, you may need to invest in suitable equipment such as bread baking equipment, quality stainless steel cookware and bakeware, water purification product, etc.

Duromatic pressure pans by Kuhn Rikon are one way I believe I really save time and money with my food and energy bill. In Europe, I’m told, most households have up to three pressure cookers to save energy as energy is more costly in Europe than America.

With ever increasing energy costs, homemakers are looking for ways to save energy and be “green” even in their cooking. A pressure cooker will save considerable cooking time for typical everyday cooking. For example, I cook broccoli for two minutes at full pressure. I cook quartered potatoes in five minutes.

Brown rice takes in 20 minutes. Pot roasts and meat loaves take about 15 minutes per pound to cook. Dry beans such as kidney beans and limas are done in 8-10 minutes when soaked ahead.

Pressure cooking enables you to cook less expensive foods like beans, grains, and legumes, as well as less tender cuts of meats very quickly with better taste and concentrated flavors.

Usually each spring we offer a special 5 liter Duromatic for a bargain price. My allotment of the special pans are usually sold in a few days or even less.

This year, Kuhn Rikon has discontinued this promotion. Instead they are raising prices April 1 an average of 10% or about $20.00 per pan.

So this year, what I am offering is the old (current) pricing for Duromatics while my supplies last.

Please read excerpts below from a recent issue of New Harvest Homestead Newsletter. Several homemakers shared their thoughts on the versatile pressure cooker.

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