A Tribute to Duane Moll- Remembering Duane’s life

Ed Note: The eulogy read by Gary Moll at the Memorial Service on April 19th, 2008 at Paonia Friends Church, written by Marilyn and Laura Moll (wife and oldest daughter).

Duane Edward Moll was born to Edward Carl and Anne Elaine Moll on January 4th, 1952 in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia, PA. He was named after a dentist and a friend. He was their first born son and was followed by four brothers, Ricky, Gary, Edward Jr., and Robbie Moll. Ricky passed away in 1960, possibly from cancer.

Duane grew up in Roxborough and spent his time involved with school, church, band, and hanging out with his brothers. His mother is quoted as saying “I don’t care what you boys do, just don’t tell me about it.” His Uncle Les taught him clarinet and Duane played in the high school band as well as in his Uncle Les’ band. He showed great talent towards music.

Duane graduated from Roxborough High School in 1969 and went on to Penn State University. He studied forestry and graduated in 1974. He had a variety of jobs in Philadelphia including carpet installation, City of Philadelphia, and Keystone Lawn Care.

In 1973 Duane, and two of Duane’s good friends, Richie Blinn, and Matthew Cooper, took a cross country trip to Colorado where they explored places like the Monument, and Rocky Mountain National Park, and camped in Chief Hosa. His love for the mountains and the wilderness was awakened during this trip. In 1981 he took a rafting trip on the Snake River in Idaho and decided to move out west. In January of 1982 he moved to Denver and tried to find a job in forestry and found a job working for the City of Lakewood.

On February 14th, 1982 he met Marilyn June Mitton during a Valentine’s Day dinner at Corona Presbyterian Church in Denver. Duane liked to retell the story by saying “I saw an angel come wafting down the ramp and she sat next to me.” Marilyn and Duane spent time together as friends and officially started dating in September of 1982. Some of their favorite activities were bike riding, Bible studies, and retreats with their church.

On Thanksgiving of 1982 Duane proposed and the two were engaged. On Christmas Eve of that year he presented her with a ring and they made the announcement to their families. Marilyn met Duane’s family that Christmas as well and after her proper New England upbringing, it was quite a shock to meet the rowdy Moll family.

On June 4th, 1983 Duane and Marilyn were married in Corona Presbyterian Church. They honeymooned in Florida and returned to Denver where Duane was working for Wilhelm Lawn Care. Just 11 months later Duane became a first time father with the birth of his daughter Laura Christine Moll. He was convinced that his first born would be a son and the first words out of his mouth were “look at him, honey, look at him.” However, he was still pleasantly surprised to find that his son was really a precious little girl.

In 1988 Duane became a father once again with the birth of Stephen Matthew Moll on July 14th and again on August 9th, 1993 with the birth of another daughter, Mary Elizabeth Moll.

Duane always wanted to have his own business and started Horticultural Concepts in 1990. Since 1986 Marilyn had been baking her own bread with a mill and mixer that Duane had bought for her. She began teaching bread baking classes and selling mills and mixers as a hobby business. Duane named her hobby The Urban Homemaker and in 1993 her business had grown so much that Duane quit his job and the two of them ran The Urban Homemaker as a family business. Duane loved that their business was run out of their home so that he was able to be closer to his wife and kids.

Duane and Marilyn had desired to move out of Denver and live in the country for many years. In 2000, customers of their business, Lloyd and Jodie Wright, invited Duane and his family to visit their home in Paonia. Duane was planning on moving his family to Pennsylvania to be closer to his ailing mother in December of 2000 but in November of 2000 the Molls visited Paonia and as they left Duane said “Gee, if we weren’t moving to Pennsylvania, I’d sure consider Paonia.”

After living in Pennsylvania for a year, Duane’s mother passed away and he began to pray that God would provide a place for his family to live. In 2002 Duane and Marilyn purchased their home on Lamborn Mesa in Paonia and felt that this home was a perfect place for their family and business. They moved from Pennsylvania to Paonia in September 2002.

In August of 2003 Duane took his family to a physical and spiritual health conference in called Be In Health. This conference was significant to Duane’s spiritual walk as it brought him to a deeper understanding of God’s desire to bring His people to physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom. Duane desired to lead his family to greater depths of spiritual healing and wholeness.

In 2003 Duane began leading Bible studies in his home and they studied the books of James and Deuteronomy, spiritual healing, and Disappointment with God. Duane was also involved with Gideon’s and loved being able to make Gideon’s presentations at local churches as well as giving sermons in his church. Many people said that Duane should have been a pastor, and while Duane was passionate about teaching and discipling his family and friends, he desired to be a light in the business world.

Duane loved exploring and discovering the beauty of western Colorado. He took his family camping every year and made sure to take his children on father-daughter and father-son trips. He was devoted to his wife. On Valentine’s Day Duane gave Marilyn a card in which he said “Nothing means more than my marriage to you.” Duane and Marilyn would have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this June and since September of 2007 Duane had been planning and praying about how to give his wife a beautiful and memorable anniversary trip to Hawaii.

His spiritual understanding and relationship with God inspired and touched many people. Duane had a vision for 15 years for the creation of “The Christian Home and Family Institute” that would teach people that the gospel was not just for fire insurance but that it was for all aspects of life as well as practical living skills. Duane was an exceptionally godly man and was dedicated to helping his family, friends, and church come to greater spiritual realizations of God and God’s love for his people.

View the most recent family picture here: (Scroll down)

I hope to upload the Powerpoint video presentation shown during the sharing time of Duane’s memorial service as soon as I have technological helps.


Marilyn Moll, Duane’s widow at age 56.

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7 comments to A Tribute to Duane Moll- Remembering Duane’s life

  • Anne

    Oh how sad! You are in my prayers.

    …for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

  • Me

    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us the love that is obvious in this tribute.

  • What a wonderful man Duane was and is. You’re in our prayers, Marilyn, and your children as well.

  • What a beautiful tribute. He was a godly family man and that is so important. You and your family are blessed!

  • Deborah Nyberg

    I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Jennifer S.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am very sorry for your loss, and pray that peace will embrace you in knowing your husband is with Jesus.
    I just found out, as life has taken unexpected turns here, and I am so sorry.
    Though I don’t know you or your family personally, if there is anything we can do, please ask.
    God Bless

  • I am very sorry about the loss, but comforted to know he is with the Lord.
    He was so young, it makes us think about our own situations and how we may be called home at any time as God chooses.
    You met on Valentine’s day!
    My wife and I also met at a Presbyterian Church, but not on Valentine’s.
    She is also from Pennsylvania and from Landsdale, just north-west of Philly.
    Wow, I just looked it up and it looks like less than 20 miles away from Roxborough!
    We will certainly be praying for God’s providence for you and your children.

    I am interested in seeing the power point presentation. Were you able to upload it? If not, maybe I can help. Please contact me about this.
    Thank you.

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