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My mom honored me with the request that I write a column to be included in her newsletter.  I feel a bit unworthy in this endeavor as many of you have been married a long time (like more than two months), and many of you are hard at work in raising the next generation (probably some of you have kids my age).  However, it is my hope that this column can be a friendly chat, rather than an instructional how-to on love, life, and happiness.

I grew up “Urban Homemakerized,” indoctrinated in the mantra of  “return oh ye woman to the arts of thine former ways.”  So I should be well versed in the art of raising chickens, gardening, and knitting sweaters.  At least you would think.  I am familiar enough with chickens to know that I like to eat them, my gardening skill level has produced three dead African Violet plants in the last month, and I gave up knitting in despair of too many dropped stitches and converted to crocheting.  I salute any woman who can juggle four knitting needles to create a mitten or slipper.

This is not to imply that because I am not a master gardener I have somehow failed in my womanliness or in my ability to cultivate the arts in her life.  For each of us have our strengths and talents.  Perhaps that talent may be to kill African Violets, but let me ask you, if there were not women like me, then what would the African Violet company do?

Of course I don’t truly see my lack of green thumb as a special asset to my life.  But I think that sometimes we elevate various skills or abilities above the rest and those of us who cannot cross stitch the 10 commandments have somehow failed.

I can make a mean batch of cinnamon rolls, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make gravy.  I am a woman just like every other woman, and have perhaps succeeded in refining a few talents, but am overwhelmed by the immense amount of skills I have yet to acquire. I am a woman like you in that I fear abandonment, I desire to be able to nurture, and I find joy in an “I love you”.

I have had 24 years of practice at being a woman, two months practice at being married, and high school babysitting experience at being a mom.  I see this column as an opportunity to discuss the complexities of making our womanly way in a harsh world, to laugh over things such as husband and wife communication, and perhaps share a tear or two along the way.  I hope that each of you can find some encouragement and refreshment in this column knowing that I have yet to “arrive”, that I am a woman like you, trying to make my way through the journey of life.

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