Hero Moms Incarnating Proverbs 31

Ed Note:  Here is the recording of a recent phone interview with Kevin Swanson regarding the story of The Urban Homemaker.

Hero Moms Incarnating the Proverbs 31 Vision

The Urban Homemaker In a day of fragmented families and big-business oriented economies, one family’s vision took them on an amazing journey. The life of faith is not always pretty, but it is also not without its joys and triumphs! When Duane and Marilyn Moll took the trip all the way home in the early 1990s with home schooling and home businesses, they had no idea what would lie ahead of them. Marilyn Moll tells the inspiring story of Urban Homemaker on this edition of Generations.

There are many different ways that Christian families are incarnating the biblical model for home life, integrated families, and Proverbs 31 home-managers. But in a world of egalitarianism, socialist-driven economies, family disintegration, and institutionalized, non-discipleship oriented education, it is a huge inspiration to see a few families embracing the biblical vision and trying out a few incarnations of that vision!

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