Pesto Pasta Power

A few weeks ago, I introduced my latest ebook, Value Meals for Busy Moms.  Getting that book published inspired me to start making simpler meals, meals concocted by using what is in my hand.  What I mean, I am using whatever is in my cupboard, leftover in my refrigerator, ripe in the garden garden, or sitting in my freezer and improvising.

Yesterday I made Pesto with what basil was left from my garden.

Pesto is so easy.  Whirl in your blender, pine nuts or walnuts, Parmesan cheese, at least one cup of packed basil leaves, a clove or so of garlic, dash of salt.  When that is all nice and finely chopped, add a pinch of salt and some olive oil for a smooth paste.

I like to freeze pesto in small portions for that garden fresh taste in the winter time.  I thaw frozen pesto and add several Tablespoons of it to spaghetti sauce to make me remember the summer harvest.  I also use it instead of mayonnaise in a BLT sandwich.  YUMMY!

I discovered that if I add a tiny pinch of Vitamin C powder to the pesto, it doesn’t darken or oxidize.

So is spent yesterday thinking about what I could add to pesto and pasto and make a decent dinner.   While the bowtie pasta was cooking,  I found leftover roasted chicken to chop up and several garden ripe tomatoes.  Chopped up the tomato, combined the pasta, the pesto, and chicken, VOILA!  This dinner was a winner and oh so easy.

I even had time to saute a little bit of garden Swiss chard with garlic and we had greens for a side dish, just like spinach.

My dinner tasted so garden fresh.  Our Colorado growing season is just too short.  I am actually thinking about next year’s garden already.

If you love Pesto, try out my Pesto Lasagne recipe, it is fantastic!

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