Government Health Care is Not a Done Deal

Dear friends,

I don’t normally like to post on political topics, but mandatory government health care is such a major intrusion on our freedom and our finances I can not in good conscience remain silent.  Since Duane and I have been self-employed for about 17 years, we have had to seek out alternative “health insurance” or Christian mutual care ministries where the members share the costs.

Currently I am a member of Samaritan’s Ministry, where I send my monthly share directly to the member whose need qualified.  The cost of this sharing system is dramatically lower than commercial health care policies and offers the added benefit of fulfilling the biblical mandate to “bear one another’s burdens.”

The current legislation recently passed by the House, a  requirement to buy government-approved insurance would be a violation of the religious freedom of people of faith who want to express their faith through health care sharing. Requiring them to buy health insurance would be an unreasonable burden that would make it very difficult for them to continue practicing their faith through health care sharing.

I have MANY other objections to the current House version, but please contact your Senators today and tomorrow regarding your concerns about mandatory government health care.

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2 comments to Government Health Care is Not a Done Deal

  • Nancy Major

    Thank you Marilyn for speaking for many of us with the same thoughts.
    I know there may be many who read your blogs that would rather not talk politics, but please let me just say that our wonderful country was fought for by God loving christians and made it possible for us to have a voice (vote) which equals the freedom that we enjoy and sometime take for granted. We owe it to our loving Father which this “one nation under God” was founded. Not to let what our founding fathers fought so hard for to be in vain. Look at Cuba and Venezuela, that same health care is just a vote away.Our children will live this. Please call your Senators and if you really want to make a difference, call your county headquarters where your party is and ask to volunteer as a “precinct committee/person”. I hope this does not offend anyone. God has blessed our nation for 200 years. I feel this is the least I can do.

  • Elizabeth

    I could not agree more! This health care bill is the worst piece of legislation I’ve ever seen. I’ve prayed as much as possible these last few days that it won’t pass. Thank you for urging everyone to contact their Senators. I’ve already called mine several times.

    I just downloaded your “Beginner’s Guide”. Thank you!

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