Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

EmergencyPreparednessKitAre you prepared for an emergency? After the East Coast was blasted with back to back snow storms/blizzards last month, many people were caught unprepared.  Grocery stores emptied out of bottled water and other essentials quickly.

Or consider the recent earthquake in Chili.  Newspaper headlines pointed out the stores were looted and water was the first thing to vanish from store shelves.

Natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, tornados, and more have been in the headlines.  Are you prepared for an emergency?

The Urban Homemaker believes it is very important that every family be prepared for an emergency. Multipure not only offers the lowest cost most effective solid carbon block water filters, but they also offer a unique emergency kit including the Multipure Emergency Filter to ensure that your family has quality drinking water in an emergencyThis comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Kit will provide you and your family with some of the essentials you need in an emergency.

These important items are contained in a sturdy and portable back pack.

A few of the items included in this kit are:

– Flash light/radio/phone charger          –  Multipurpose tool

– Emergency water filter                       –  Flares; matches

– First aid kit and booklet                      – Emergency tape/rope

– Rain poncho, blanket and 8 foot tube tent

– Much more…

While supplies last, I am making this kit available to you for the special low price of $99.95. This Emergency Preparedness Kit is valued at $175 so it is a limited time offer.  Order now and receive a $75 savings.

While you and your family are evaluating your emergency preparedness, I would like to suggest that you consider the following other Preparedness tips:

  • Keep Emergency Supplies in one Place so they are easily found.
  • Keep some cash with these supplies.
  • Keep some water storage with Emergency Supplies
  • Make sure your Family Preparedness Plan includes alternative heating/cooking fuels.
  • Consider investing in cast iron cookware for cooking over fires or charcoal.
  • Keep canned goods on hand that only require heating.  In an emergency heating fuels may need to be conserved.
  • Store nutrient dense dry snacks such as nuts, seeds, energy bars, jerky, and dried fruit.

I recommend one Emergency Preparedness Kit per member of your family, as well as one in each car.  You never know when disaster will strike.

Don’t wait.  Act now!  Protect your family today!

Call (800) 552-7232 to place your order.

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