Homestead Blessings

When I was in high school I made a large percentage of my own clothes.  I even started out as a Clothing and Textiles major in college.  I have always been thankful that I had basic cooking and sewing skills so that I could stretch our family budget by cooking from scratch, mending and repairing children’s clothing, making curtains, quilts and baby blankets etc.

Now that my children are older and a grand baby is on the way I’m ready to sharpen up my homesteading skills and the Franklin Springs Homestead Blessing DVD Collection have been just what I needed to get motivated, inspired, and instructed.  Save $39.75 by investing in the six-pack collection.

homesteadlogoCLICK HERE for complete detailed information.

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  • Julie

    Marilyn, thanks so much for introducing me to these videos. I ordered my first one today, The Art of Dairy. I wish I could buy them all, but I will just get them as I can. The trailers are great. I hope you are well, I have gained so much valuable help from you over the years. Grace be with you.

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