Five Easy Steps to Involve Your Children in Spring Cleaning

Ed Note: As an older mom, I can tell you it is very wise to involve the little ones in household activities when they are very young and want to help. Here is how one young mom is achieving this goal.


It has always been one of my goals to get my kids involved with weekly chores around the house. Learning responsibility and the importance of doing a good job are priorities for our family. But how that was going to actually work out practically, I wasn’t sure! Then Marilyn introduced me to Norwex microfiber, and the light bulb came on! Now I could assign small duties to my young kids without worrying about buckets of water and chemicals! The following are some practical ways that Norwex can be a family affair:

1. The telescopic mop handle adjusts in height! It can adjust small enough for an eight or nine year old to use. You can start teaching the technique of mopping early!

2. The dry superior mop pads are useful even without the mop! I have my five year old son using them to wipe down my wooden stairs by hand. They also work well on the hardwood that is not covered by my area carpets.  They come in two sizes, I have the smaller one for maneuverability around carpets and hardwood floors.

3. Kids can learn the consequences of their actions by helping to clean up. When my four year old decided to write with a crayon on my kitchen floor, I had him help me scrub it off with the antibac wet mop pad.  Again this wet mop pad comes in two colors.

4. The antibac microfiber mitt is a great way to get even the smallest child excited about helping! Just slide that “big blue paw” on, and show them how to wipe down chairs and railings! The best part is—whatever those little fingers touch, they dust!

5. The antibac enviro cloths come in different colors! You can help your child feel the special part he or she plays by letting them pick their own color. Then work side by side cleaning the bathtub, wiping counters, cleaning the fridge, washing windows, or dusting. Let them “own” the cloth and the responsibility of a job well done!  (You can invest in a four pack or individually.)

Ed Note: Rebekka Parry is proud momma of 4 children ages 5 and under, three boys and 1 girl, so far and a family friend from when we lived in Pennsylvania.

Cleaning has never been easier, safer, or faster!

Purchase all the Spring Cleaning Pack, one Enviro, one dust mitt, and one window cloth

for just $41.99 (reg. $46.48)

Use and Care Info:  To care for your cloths, simply wash with a dot of dish soap and rinse very well under running water.  Once a week, or when needed throw into the washer with lint free items.  Be sure to NEVER  use bleach or fabric softener which destroys the fiber properties.   Tumble dry or hang to dry.  Avoid drying with towels or other high lint items.

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2 comments to Five Easy Steps to Involve Your Children in Spring Cleaning

  • OK I guess I’ll be brave and show my ignorance.

    I have the mop system. I LOVE the mop system. Here is my predicament. Somewhere along the line one of the men in this house. Pushed the mop handle to the shortest position and tightened her down good.

    I can’t figure out how to make it longer again. Just where along the handle do I twist? I’ve twisted but I’m afraid I am just not twisting in the right place.

    I’m tired of hunching over to mop my kitchen floor. BTW I really do love the mop because even though it is too short… I still pull it out instead of my old rag mop.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Elisabeth

    I too am a homeschooling mom. I started out early having the kids help me clean the house. It is time well spent! My daughter Allie is now eleven and my son Peter is nine. Both of them regularly help with laundry, picking up around the house, dishes, as well as the weekly cleaning. These skills will help them when they grow up and are out on their own. Keep up the good work!

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