Recharge Mom! Free Phone Seminar Weds Night

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.“-Ben Franklin


I am very excited to announce that I am getting started with regularly scheduled phone seminars again. In fact, I will start tomorrow afternoon – Wednesday April 28. But don’t worry if you can’t make it, the call will be recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience and there is no charge.

Since I’m in the middle of kitchen remodeling I’m thrilled at the timeliness of tomorrow’s topic being: “Recharge Mom”

I’ll admit, taking time for mom, taking time for me is a subject I’m not particularly comfortable with or knowledgeable about. Too much false guilt, I guess. I don’t know why I think I’m supposed to be some sort of robot that works and works and never stops to take time for a little rest, relaxation or even a little pampering.

Now I can honestly say, I’m not sure where this false belief comes from, but I notice in scripture that Jesus often took extended time away to spend time with the Father. He needed to get away from the crowds frequently, I assume he was very tired and needed to get recharged. Why does our 24/7 culture tell us otherwise? Am I any different than God incarnate if I am made in his image?

Do I think life can’t go on in the family if I’m not there to do the work or overseeing all the activities, meals, appointments, baths, etc? Maybe your idea of recharging doesn’t fit within your budget constraints. Does recharging have to take money? Does recharging require time away from home? How much time does it take to recharge?

How often should we recharge? What are the benefits of recharging for myself and for my family? These are just a few of the questions on my mind, maybe you have others.

But this will be our lively topic of conversation with well known speaker and author, mom, and wife, Cindy Rushton tomorrow. We will be talking with Cindy in the afternoon during some children’s nap time.

Plan to carve out a little time to listen in! The call or the recording is free and available 24/7 to you and your convenience.

Remember, the background noise is muted out so your house doesn’t have to be quiet.

Here is the Contact Information:

Join Cindy and I in a Live-Online CHAT/Seminar:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444  The only cost is for applicable long distance charges, if any)

Call ID: 38181# PIN: 1# (Or your Talkshoe PIN)

OR: Live on line: You just go to this page and you can see the chat and click to hear the workshop stream live. No need for a password or code. It is easy AND free!

Time: 5:30 ET, 4:30 CT, 3:30 MT, 2:30 PT Date: Wednesday April 28 Topic: Recharge Mom Guest Speaker: Cindy Rushton with Marilyn Moll

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