The Ultimate Family Expo

Are you longing for the ultimate help in raising your children whether you home educate or not?  I homeschooled full-time my three children for 19 years.  The two oldest are homeschool graduates and college graduates.  After my husband passed away, I became a part-time homeschool mom.  Now I encourage younger moms to persevere in their high calling.

I remember when I went to the homeschool conventions filled with big name motivational speakers but I always felt that there was no way I could measure up to what they were doing, so I was always left feeling more overwhelmed than encouraged by those experiences.

I longed to hear from real moms who were finding solutions to making their homeschool work for their particular family situation, budget, and learning styles.  I longed for more information on managing the day to day then teaching the academics.

I hated coming home exhausted and feeling like I couldn’t absorb another piece of information.  I didn’t like choosing between two workshops I didn’t want to miss.  All these objections have been solved by:

The Ultimate Homeschool Expo is everything I longed for and MUCH, MUCH more. The Ultimate Expo has something for everyone and for all Families.  You will find speakers talking about topics of interest to ALL FAMILIES. Read more details below:family-mulitigenerational

There are no large crowds!  No outrageous gas bills! No makeup! No babysitters! No parking miles away! No expensive trips or hotel stays! No walking for blocks and blocks! No lugging big loads of books around! No expensive trips or hotel stays!  No rushing around so you can catch the vendors, yet missing the wonderful workshops!

In fact! No missing ANY workshops!  Look at this sampling of speakers that will appeal to all Families including those who have a baby on the way!

Anne Elliott
Using the Bible to Choose Methods and Curriculum

Carol Topp
Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out
Is Your Homeschool Group Ready for 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Status?
Micro Business for Teens

Christine Field
Catching the Foxes that Ruin the Vineyard

Cindy Carrier
Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere

Cindy Rushton
Back to the Heart of Homeschooling
Say Goodbye to Super-Mom!

Dawn Billesbach
Making Family Dinners More Feasible, Fun, and Healthy in a Busy, Multi-tasking World

Jane VanOsdol
Spiritual Disciplines for Your Kids
Publishing Your Young Writer’s Work:  Tips for Getting Their Work in Print

Jennifer Schwilling
Homeschooling Through the Hard Times
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Review

Karisa Rivera
A Trip Down Memory Lane: Sweet Memories and Valuable Lessons

Kimberly Ehlers
Homeschooling a Child with Health Issues

Kimberly Guthrie
A Mom’s Journey to Healthy Eating on a Real World Budget

Lisa Hodgen
“Teach Us to Pray” ~ Becoming a Family of Prayer

Lois Graham
Facing Frustrations and Surviving Stress
ABC’s of Creative Bible Learning

Lorrie Flem
How to Raise Children Who Win Friends and Influence People
Mind Training
Attitudes are Born in the Mind

Mary Kane
Take 5- Time Out with Jesus

Matthew Rushton
Graduated, Married, Got a Baby On the Way–NOW, What I Think About Homeschooling

Molly Evert
Protecting your Marriage
Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child (A Parent’s Perspective)

Paul and Marissa Osborne
Have A Killer Garage Sale and Live To Tell About It

Phyllis Wheeler
Internet Savvy for Homeschoolers

Rachel Starr Thomson
Power in Words: Encouraging Your Writer in the Art, Craft, and Ministry of Writing

Regina Hicks
Who’s Driving Your Bus? Tranquility or Turmoil
High School & Beyond: The Final Leg of the Journey
Three R’s for the Homeschool Mom: Rendering, Resting & Romancing

Rhea Perry
The Biggest Gap in Education and How to Fill It
Online Businesses You and Your Kids Can Start from Home

Sharon Jeffus
Using Art to Help Struggling Students/A Different Approach
Teaching Art to Reinforce Understanding of Core Concepts for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners

Stephanie Buckwalter
What I Learned From Keeping a Dirty House
How to Make Any Curriculum a Right Brain Curriculum or How to Make Any Curriculum Right Brain Friendly
Getting  the Kids to Help—Your Part and Theirs

Susan Scott

Homeschool Success for Every Child: Uncovering the Unique Gifts within each Child

Tara McClenahan
Unpacking Your Child’s Suitcase
Discovering Your Child’s Love Language.

Is That Ultimate or What?  There is something for everyone all from the convenience of your home!

I know I can’t wait, there is a lot for me still to learn.  I hope you will join me in obtaining a ticket to the Ultimate Family Expo.

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  • nancy

    Fully agree with homeschooling. We have 2 years left, and we will have graduated 3. Right now, we have finished 17 years of homeschooling. I would most definitely do it all over again, as God I know is pleased. Our oldest is a registered nurse, our son, at 19 has 2 jobs and his own business. Our youngest at 16 has 2 part time jobs, just in the past few weeks, an opportunity to witness, as neighbors and those in community wonder about homeschooling and her availability. She is on fire for Jesus, and loves being homeschooled. Wanted to say how much your encouragement over phone and through your web, has helped me with bread baking. Even the frustration this winter of learning about soaking our grains. I just pulled out 2 of the most perfect loaves of bread, all ground from our own wheat and soaked. It took time, but I am so pleased with the results. Your recipe for best ever, easiest ever whole wheat bread is truly the best tasting bread I have made yet. I and my family THANK YOU. I will be placing an order with you soon, I want to encourage you now.

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