What a mess! Kitchen Demolition Progresses

Once upon a time there was a small 10 X 10 1970’s style kitchen. FaceSinkOncewasasink

Then one day the homeowner said, “Enough! It is time to replace the 35 year old cabinets and non-repairable appliances.”


This homemaker knew there would be a mess in tearing out all the old, and knew there would be surprises.  But she had no idea how long and how wide and how deep this massive mess and life disruption would be.Pileofdemomaterial


This is a picture of my old dining room looking in from the kitchen.  This horrific picture of debris now occupies what was once my dining room, next to the kitchen.
OldKitchenbonesThe picture above is looking into the “bones” of my old kitchen from the former dining area.

I had been warned that when remodeling, you don’t really know what you are getting into until you start tearing things up.  So far, the main surprises have been to see that the sub-floor is actually particle board.  All this particle board must also come out so that a plywood sub floor (much stronger and not so wavy) can be installed before the hard wood floors are installed.

Although the pictures won’t show it, the old sub floor was quite “wavy”and squeeky,  a defect that carpet does a good job of hiding, except for the squeeks.

SubfloordemoAlthough the picture to the left doesn’t make it obvious, there is a “low” area on the right side of this picture, which also happens to be right in the center of the house between the fireplace and the old kitchen/dining area.

PlanksbyfireplaceThe flooring here is about a 1″ dip or 1″ lower than the rest of the entire upstairs.  The cause of this “mystery” must be identified and remediated before the flooring can be installed.


The below right photo is taken from the window of my “old” kitchen looking back towards the fireplace/living room area.  The two by four posts in this picture frame all the wires to all the kitchen, dining room, and hall lights plus the baseboard heating.  All this wiring and light switches will have to be relocated!

This little “wall” area is coming out to open up the rest of the space and make room for my new island.  Relocating the “mini-wall”, which just so happens to be a supporting wall requires that a new supporting beam going perpendicular to this wall will have to be put into position before any finish work or cabinet installation can take place.

I think I will get most of my freezer emptied before this whole mess is put back together and made beautiful.  Everyone who has taken time to write to me, say, “You are going to love your new kitchen so much that it is well worth enduring this mess.”

Metaphorically, I’m considering this tear out phase to be “winter” and “spring” is around the corner.  I can’t wait!

You can follow other blog posts of my kitchen remodel progress before pictures, pictures of  plans for the new kitchen, and moving to my “camp kitchen.”

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