How to Cook Real Food Cooking Class

In this tight economy, with green and healthy living becoming more and more mainstream, many readers are just a little bit overwhelmed thinking about  how to get started with a lifestyle for healthy eating.

I know when I first read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, the information made sense, but I was afraid to start any new step because the ingredients, methods, and concepts were so foreign and unfamiliar to me.

Little by little, I have mastered a few new skills and have done many phone seminars on the topic of Cooking Your Way to Wellness.  I know many readers are hungry and eager for a little more information, practical tips, and how to’s.

I know you would love to learn how to cook real food without breaking the bank or spending hours slaving away in the kitchen.  The Cook Real Foods Class will be filled with tips and information from a farmers market manager from Colorado, a working mother and a natural foods cook.  Sound too good to be true, right?

The How to Cook Real Foods and Save Money Class is a multi-media on-line class from the comfort of your home.  What you learn alone will pay for the class.  Check out the details below:

Learn MORE and sign up for the How to Cook  Real Food Cooking Class Now!

How to Cook Real Foods Multi-Media Class will teach you to:

  • Balance Healthy Food on a tight Budget
  • Use simple, fresh, seasonal foods on a budget.
  • You will learn to Cook Real Food and Save Money AT LAST!
  • Classes Begin June 1


As a review, Real Foods Menus are nutrient diets which include some of the following ingredient changes:

Breads, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, etc prepared using:  Fresh whole grain flours using the soaking method or the Two Stage Process.

Replace sugar with: Rapadura, sucanat, muscovado, raw honey, maple syup, or stevia.

Replace white flour with: Freshly milled (if possible) whole wheat flour, kamut flour spelt flour, sprouted whole grain flour, other freshly milled flour

Replace water and bullion cubes or canned stock with: Home-made chicken or beef stock.

Replace shortening with: Virgin coconut oil or Spectrum brand shortening which is made of palm oil, or raw butter, if available.

Replace vegetable oils such as canola oil or corn oil with:  Coconut oil or butter, olive oil or Mary’s Oil Blend. Use a wide variety of healthy fat for a good balance of essential fatty acids.

Replace skim or 2% milk with: Raw Milk or Coconut Milk.

REGISTER NOW by May 31, classes begin June 1.

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