Ultimate Homeschool Expo On Line

The Ultimate Homeschool Expo has been awesome for me today even though I don’t have daily homeschooling responsibilities anymore.   I loved speaker Kimberly Ehlers challenge today:

I will not compare myself to any other Mom; I will not compare my child to any other child; I will celebrate the God created specialness of my child.” I think this applies to all moms whether we homeschool or not!

Here is tomorrow’s don’t miss schedule:


Welcome: Movie Makers

Workshop: Power in Words: Encouraging Your Writer in the Art, Craft, and Ministry of Writing with Rachel Starr Thomson


Welcome: Sharon Jeffus from

Workshop: Getting Kids to Help: Your Part and Theirs with Stephanie Buckwalter from

3:30PM CT

Welcome: Tara McClenahan from

Workshop: Spiritual Disciplines for Your Kids with Jane VanOsdol from

I’m really excited about the Spiritual Disciplines Workshop for ideas for teaching my daughter,for teaching my Sunday School Class and for my future grandkids, the first one is due in August.

Take a peak at the rest of the week’s schedule you are sure to find some workshops that you won’t want to miss:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Welcome: Kelly Thorne from

Workshop: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Review with Jenn Schwilling from


Welcome: Lois Graham from

Workshop: E-Learning: Making Video Part of Your School with Felice Gerwitz from

3:30PM CT

Welcome: Candace with

Workshop: Catching the Foxes that Ruin the Vineyard with Christine Field from

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Welcome: Kate Estes from

Workshop: Teaching Art to Reinforce Understanding of Core Concepts for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners with Sharon Jeffus from


Welcome: Movie Makers

Workshop: Publishing Your Young Writer’s Work:  Tips for Getting Their Work in Print with Jane VanOsdol from

3:30PM CT

Welcome: Elana Michelson from

Workshop: Dad, Mom’s Eating Broccoli Again! with Angela Ramos from

Friday, May 7, 2010


Welcome: Molly Evert from

Workshop: Mother: YOU can Make a Difference in this World! with Karisa Rivera from


Welcome: Anne Elliott from

Workshop: Teaching the Multi-Grade Homeschool with Terri Johnson from

3:30PM CT

Welcome: Denise Warnick from

Workshop: Re-Charge Your Homeschool! with Cindy Rushton from

Remember, everything is recorded, so you don’t have to attend a live event.

Get your ticket for the Mommy Grab Bag of Goodies, Fabulous Freebies and Downloads, and all the other great resources.

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