Kitchen Remodeling – June 7, 2010 Update

I had hoped that my kitchen remodeling project would now be complete.  Like most remodeling projects, the inevitable unexpected turn of events happen.  Nevertheless, I thought I would post pictures taken  Thursday, June 3, 2010 and prior.  I am still waiting for the correct drawer and door fronts to come in, counter top installation, appliances installed to become functional.

You can follow other blog posts from the beginning of the kitchen remodel project and follow the progress:

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Structural changes, stairway remodel, floor leveling, electrical, dry wall, and painting dominated the last six weeks of remodeling work.  I had workmen at my home almost every day.   Sometimes it was like a “three ring circus” juggling everyone.

After the painting and flooring projects were completed a week ago, I began to SEE that what I have been working towards for nearly a year is beginning to take shape and I’m getting excited!


Badly bowed floor had to be shimmed and leveled before plywood subfloor could be installed.

Old StairwayNewEntryStairs

Old Stairway above – you can see the exposed “studs” in the kitchen if you look hard.  New stairway is beautiful and has already received many compliments.


These are the base cabinets looking towards the kitchen from my desk area.  The cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be replaced with knotty  rustic alder as soon as they become available.  That was one unexpected “surprise” last week.  The second picture is looking at the island from the living room area.  We picked black to tie in the black mortar in the brick fireplace.


This picture gives the bigger picture of the new kitchen area and shows off my new hardwood floors.  I already baptized the flooring with a huge gouge the first day they were installed.  The Norwex Dry Superior Mop is absolutely awesome for cleaning up after workman and going over a large flooring area.

A few other surprises last week included moving the “roughed in”  lighting cans in the ceiling which had to be moved so the cabinets wouldn’t cover them. Glad it was all fixable.

My counter tops are being fabricated this week and appliances should be delivered sometime before the upper cabinets go in.

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3 comments to Kitchen Remodeling – June 7, 2010 Update

  • Kim Johnson

    Love it, love it, love it!!! You can see the finish line!!!! Coming over soon to see for myself…should I call first??? ;o) Congrats, and way to be in your perservering.

  • Sherry Dodson

    WOW! What a change! It looks wonderful. What fun you will have!!!! I love looking at kitchen remodels. Someday it may be my turn. :)

  • Sheri

    Marilyn, Your kitchen looks wonderful! And is that a window seat I see? You’ll love it.

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