Would you love a Bosch Mixer?


Nearly 25 years ago, my neighbor a mother of four, told me why she loved her Bosch mixer for making whole grain bread.  She said she had already burned out three food processors in bread making.

Besides, she said, she was cleaning up her kitchen while the mixer did the kneading work, and her house was spotless!  This really got my attention.

A Bosch Mixer can be used for the following everyday kitchen tasks and much more:

  • make up to six loaves of bread
  • make triple batches of cookie dough
  • Make your own healthy salad dressings
  • Puree tomatoes
  • Make cookies ( use batter whips, cookie paddles, or dough hook)
  • Mash potatoes
  • Puree cooked beans, lentils and split peas for soups, sauces, and dips.
  • Make bread crumbs
  • Crack Grain
  • Chop up nuts
  • Mix meat loaves (use batter whips or cookie paddles)
  • Prepare pesto
  • Prepare hummus
  • Prepare salsa
  • Mix cakes and quick breads
  • Whip cream fast and easy
  • Beat egg whites to the stiff peaks stage for meringues, etc. (Quick and easy)

You can save $150 over retail if you act now while the Bosch with blender is on sale for $389.95.  A Bosch without Blender is $359.95.

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