Marilyn’s Famous Fruit Leather

Children LOVE this, especially if they can help!

1 Cup fruit fresh or canned Fruit (this can be done year round with whatever is in season, apricots, and peaches are my favorites)

1 large apple, peeled

1 Cup. vanilla or strawberry yogurt

Blend the above ingredients in your blender for about one minute or until pureed. Taste the puree and add honey or spices such as cinnamon to taste. (Remember that drying concentrates flavors). Pour puree onto lightly greased fruit leather inserts, or saran covered cookie sheets. Dehydrate overnight at 115 degrees,  in a low oven with the door ajar, or a convection oven.

Leather is ready when no wet places remain.

Wrap the leather in saran and freeze. Freeze fruit leather so it doesn’t vanish too quickly.

Make lots. Children and their friends will love this snack and beg for more.  Perfect lunch snack or for traveling/camping/hunting, etc.

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