October Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I have always known that breast cancer, a serious disease, is often associated with chlorinated water.  After doing a little research, I was quite surprised to find countless scientifically researched articles documenting this fact.

One study found that women with breast cancer had 50% to 60% higher levels of chlorinated by-products in their breast tissue than women without the disease. Nevertheless, I am certainly thankful that chlorine kills living organisms and protects our drinking water supply from dangerous bacteria.

What happens is chlorine added to most municipal water combines with organic compounds such as sediment and creates a class of chemicals known as organochlorines which include haloacetic acids and trihalmethanes, known carcinogens.

Before you run for bottled water,  I want to make sure you know that there are  two very simple and inexpensive steps to protect your family’s health which is some of the least expensive “health insurance” around.

Two Simple Steps includes a Free Gift

The two simple steps are to install a home drinking water system that removes chlorine and trihalomethanes  and a shower filter.  This month if you invest in a Multi-Pure system (Either the Aqua Dome or a 750 Series model) this month,  you can receive a free gift of either a Shower Filter or an Emergency Filter.

This is a win-win situation because this month Multi-Pure is supporting  Breast Cancer Awareness by making a donation to support breast cancer research for every drinking water system, or whole house unit purchased during the month of October!

I am an independent distributor for Multi-pure products.

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  • Kari

    Is it the same with well water? My husband was told to put chlorine in our well then “flush-it” out for a day or 2? Should we not have done that?

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