Simple Fall Centerpiece

Making a Fall Centerpiece is very easy and inexpensive. Take an inexpensive cloth napkin with Fall colors and lay it on the table artistically.

On top add two small silk pumpkins (real ones are fine) . I found a set of Fall colored napkins in the thrift store for 50 cents each.

Combine with a few pieces of mini-Indian corn and two or three picks in Fall colors. Better yet, find some dried things out in the yard or along the roadways that look like Fall. Gourds in different shapes and sizes could be used, even seasonal fruit such as apples.

The goal is to have contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes.  Even a few votive candles could be added. Be creative. Use what you have!

Tell others below in the comments what you used or found around the house to use to make an attractive centerpiece.

This basic plan could be changed seasonally for Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, etc with a little creativity.

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2 comments to Simple Fall Centerpiece

  • Fran

    Great idea. I have a trifle bowl that I love to fill with different items. This fall I’ve put whole nuts and miniature pumpkins in it. Placed some of my candles near it and it’s great.

  • My boys bring in flowers for me in the spring and summer. I always know fall is here when my youngest starts bringing in fall colored leaves.

    Fill a pint size canning jar with these leaves and it is beautiful. I love the idea of the fall napkin under it.

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