Value Meals For Busy Moms

curried lentils

Today’s paper featured this headline:

Economic outlook gets gloomier

“Economists meeting in Denver downgraded their 2011 forecast for economic growth in the U.S. by nearly 20 percent and predicted sparse improvement in unemployment.”

I think busy homemakers need to ignore these headlines and focus on what positive steps they can take to stretch their dollars to make nutritious, economical meals.

Value Meals for Busy Moms ebook by Marilyn Moll and Laura Moll Coble features low cost, tasty, creative uses of economical ingredients.  The menus are designed to nourish and please the entire family.  One mom wrote:

“Thank you so much for the book!!!! We are a family with eight children, we care for two others, we are adopting a ninth and we feed people in need ALL the time. With the economy the way it is I can use all the help I can get plus people are always asking me for advice to do the same. I will definitely continue to recommend your site to others for your generosity.”

One of my favorite recipes is Curried Lentils over Rice which uses economical lentils and rice with easy preparation.  Garnish with a little cilantro, parsley, and spinach to brighten the color.

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