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Holiday Open House ebook – Open Your Heart and Your Home

Are you needing recipes, information and encouragement to get started? Are you wanting to learn how to graciously decorate with just what you already have on hand? Do you need some tried and true recipes?

I believe we women, wives and mothers need to purposefully plan to fullfil the biblical admonition of welcoming friends, neighbors and relatives to our home warmly but without major effort.

I have gathered up fast and easy recipes, ideas, and information collected by myself and my friends to help you get started.

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Some of the information in this ebook includes:

* How to Plan your Occasion, step by step, after the date is set

* How to Decorate Creatively on a Dime

* Planning the menu for your event

* Appetizer Recipes, both hot and cold

* Dip Recipes

* Serving Suggestions

* Sweets and Treats

* Marilyn’s Christmas Cookie Recipe Assortment

* Beverage suggestions and recipes

* Encouragement

One reader writes:

Your e-book is very inspiring. Your decorating ideas and recipes made me feel more confident. I am going to try some of the recipes out on my family. Thank you for your words of wisdom. “

Another reader writes:

“I love your suggestions on simple centerpieces and the recipes look simple, but delicious. I have been looking for recipes for scratch vegetable dip and cheese dips for a long time. I will definitely use them.

I find the book very inspirational for those of us who have been reluctant to try an open house. Thank you so much. Donna

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