Gearing Up to Reach For Your Dreams in 2011

CindyRushtonAre you signed up to join us tomorrow? Cindy Rushton is ready to roll!

Now, I am just counting down till 1PM CT tomorrow (November 22)  for the live session. Of course, she is also excited to be revealing her new Membership Site for members in just a few short hours. Are you joining Cindy? Just look at all of the goodies you get in addition to your ticket (Can you believe it is only $9.95 this week??? but a $99.95 value?)

November 22 Afternoon Retreat on the topic:

Gearing Up to Reach For Your Dreams in 2011

Coupons for amazing savings!!!

BONUS eBooks:

Gearing Up Companion Planner

Scheduling: Help for the Stressed, Inconsistent, Want-to-be-Flexible and Organized Mom! eBook

Get Organized! eBook

Let’s Get Organized Ebook

Let’s Get Ready for the New School Year Mommy Planner (for Homeschool Moms)

BONUS Audios:

Go for the Dream!

Procrastination Attack! Eat-that-Frog!

Make Your Own Brain-in-a-Binder

Goal Setting for the Best Year Ever!

Organization 911: Help for the Messy Mom!

Dream a Dream!

Live a Life of Purpose TODAY!

Let’s Get Ready for the New School Year (for Homeschool Moms)

Busy No More!

Productivity and Procrastination

Martha, Martha! Conquering the Distractions that Take Your Heart Captive!

Lord, Give Me an Uncluttered and Focused Heart!

Let Go of Broken, Shattered Dreams!

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