Healthy Pregnancy

MP FiltersAlthough there are numerous factors that contribute to a healthy full-term pregnancy.  Drinking enough filtered water daily is often not emphasized.  There are many reasons for pregnant or about to be pregnant to drink filtered water.  Consider:

1.  Several years ago, 154 women sued Chesapeake, VA saying that contaminants in the city’s drinking water caused their miscarriages. This lawsuit alleged that the city knowingly and/or negligently poisoned them and their unborn fetuses because they used city water.

The water contained high levels of Tri-halomethanes or THM’s.  The plaintiffs in the lawsuit said the city didn’t do enough to warn citizens of contaminants in the water and what to do about it.

2. A recent story in my local paper said the National Institutes of Health awarded a $9.9 illion grant for a team of university researchers to study whether contaminants in the Puerto Rico’s groundwater are contributing to an unusually high rate of pre-term births.  Apparently Puerto Rico has a long history of industrial contaminants that have entered into the underground aquifers that supply water to many residents with little filtering.

3.  A story that appeared in the Washington Post a few years ago headlines says “Hamptom Roads Studies of Miscarriages Cause Concern, and Spark Lawsuits.”

4.  The EPA has stated that the issue of chlorination byproducts (THM’s) in drinking water is “an important health concern.”

5.  Even the current administration has advised people to consider filtering their tap water.

6. I even have two customers who told me that they believe they were able to stop the cycle of miscarriages by filtering their drinking water!

If you are pregnant, about to become pregnant,  the  mother of young children, or caring for someone elderly you need to be filtering your water.

Multi-Pure Solid carbon block filters remove more  contaminants than refrigerator type filters or bottled water or any other NSF certified unit on the market. (NSF is the public health and safety company.)

Multi-Pure TM Solid Carbon Block Filters

  • Three-stage compressed activated solid carbon block filtering element is certified to remove Tri-halomthanes, Lead, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and many other contaminants that pour through pitchers and refrigerator filters can not remove.
  • Positive molecular charge of some components attracts and holds microscopic particles.
  • Combines electro-kinetic adsorption with micro-straining for the removal and retention of solid, semi-solid, and colloidal contaminants down to the sub-micron size.
  • No tunneling or channeling as with refrigerator type water filters
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