Holiday Sweets and Treats!

Sweets and Treats

Love Christmas cookies and chocolate fudge? Learn the healthy way of making these favorite holiday sweets with whole grains, good-for-you fats like butter and coconut oil and natural sweeteners.  This class will be December 6.  Register Here.

Class Includes:

VIDEO: How to soak flour and make buttermilk gingerbread

VIDEO: How to maple sugar walnuts

VIDEO: How to make sugarplums

MENU: Candies and Treats to share with neighbors.

MENU: Sweets & Treats for Holiday Gift-giving

MENU: Selection of Christmas Cookies Every Kid Loves

RECIPES: Gingerbread, cinnamon-molasses cookies, sugar cookies, spritz cookies, honey macaroons, sprouted spelt and maple shortbread, honey and mandarin marmalade, fudge, maple sugar walnuts, white chocolate peppermint bark, sugarplums, pasteli, gingerbread men, almond-flour gingerbread men, cookie mix in a jar, pecan crispies, spiced oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate-coconut truffles.

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Classes are from Jenny McGruther of  Nourished Kitchen – author of How to Cook Real Foods

This is a new series from Jenny.  You can pick and choose which classes you are interested in.

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