The Next Thing

fall flowersWhether life has been taking twists and turns and it feels like the mountains are shaking and about to roll into the sea or there is peace like a river in your heart right now, it is time to keep our eyes on the next thing.

That means the next thing to do that comes into our hands.  I found this quote by JR Miller, a popular Christian writer who died in 1912.  Among other writings, he wrote the book Homemaking which was originally copyrighted in 1882.

I quote:

“We are not to wait for opportunities to do great things -not to keep watching for some splendid thing which by its conspicuous importance may win for us the applause of men–but are to do always, moment by moment, the thing that comes to our hand.

It may be to speak a cheering word to one who is disheartened, to join in a child’s play, to mend a broken toy, to send a few flowers made more fragrant by your love into a sick room, or to write a letter of condolence.

It is the thing, small or great, which our hand finds at the moment to do.”

What small or great thing has come into your hand to do today?

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