The Power of Motherhood

PictureofTerryandIDebbieI love this quote to encourage weary mothers to keep on keeping on.

“If only mothers might see how powerful for good or evil is their influence; how the affections and the mental powers may be molded by prayer and maternal love, and how the groundwork for the future of the child may be laid in its early training.”  Isabel C Byrum 1911

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1 comment to The Power of Motherhood

  • Tonya

    Thank you for sharing that today….It was needed, just a reminder to me to keep doing what I am doing for my children and to not listen to others or care what they may say or do. It was a wonderful reminder for me knowing that what we are trying to distill apond our children is a wonderful and glorious thing. Those who do not feel the same or have less values and moral and do not care about being a positive role model for there children or themselves should really read this also. Thank you again!!!

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