Will Wheat Prices Become Volatile?

multigrain2I just read this article on the New Harvest Homestead Discussion group that suggests that the wheat market may become volatile because Russia, a major wheat exporter, ceased exports this past summer because of  a poor crop harvest.  That means that the countries that depended upon Russia (including Iraq) will now be looking elsewhere for their wheat.

It is always prudent, in my opinion to stock up on grain when the price is good and to protect you and your family from shortages.

Fortunately, the United States had a superior harvest this past year and my grain supplier does not plan any major price changes for now.  Yet we do not know what the 2011 harvest will be like yet, and since Australia a major grain producer is being hit at this moment with the worst plague of locusts in 70 years that fact may effect world grain prices to become volatile.

Read this link from an article from the Kansas Wheat Commission regarding the situation to get a more complete picture of the unknowns:

Having a good supply of wheat for our family’s daily bread can be a huge blessing not only to our own families, but to others who may be struggling. Neighbors will always welcome a loaf of fresh bread from us regardless of their circumstances.

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1 comment to Will Wheat Prices Become Volatile?

  • Kathryn

    I need help to figure out how to store grain without it resulting in bugs.
    I can store in 5 gallon buckets with airtight seals. I still end up opening the bucket a couple of weeks later to find bugs crawling or flying out. then, it is wasted money. :( I have a large family and cannot buy grain more than once a month. It is simply too far to travel more often.
    We live in a climate of damp and hot during the spring,summer and fall.
    I do not have a “cool” pantry. Both hot and cold seasons present times of electrical failure.
    My family has grown to love homemade bread and refuses sandwiches if I don’t get a chance to bake bread. :) Thankyou for the recipes and tutorials over the past few years! I bake every other day to keep up with a family of 8. :o)

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