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After much prayer, fear and trepidation we are safely enjoying our first family Christmas away from “home” in over twenty-five years.  If you like traditions, you know this has been a challenge.

  • Mary and I made the first half of our Colorado to Klamath Falls, OR trip with few incidents and cooperative weather on Tuesday. Wasn’t sure I’d get a boarding pass in Phoenix, but God came through. Nearly lost my purse (and all my money) in the process but all is well there too. Better to see my daughter, son-in-law and grandson than I could have imagined.
  • The drive from Reno to Klamath Falls was LONG.  Why did we ever fly into Reno?  Long story, too long to tell.
  • Grandson, Job, has doubled his birth weight or more and ready for some new clothes!  Weston A says chubby babies are healthy, so Job qualifies as VERY healthy.  Laura is exclusively breast feeding him.  He has his four month doctor visit on Monday.

  • With a ready smile at all times, He is an easy, happy, contented, huggable baby to brighten our family celebration.

  • This is my first – 3 generation- Christmas celebration in many, many years.

  • Discovered an easy, economical, and fun way to do stocking stuffers. Check out the bulk food aisle with dried fruit, nut mixes, candies, and chocolates. The Thunderbird Grocery here in Klamath Falls is locally owned, amazing!

  • Today is our cinnamon roll and pie making day plus lunch out with Laura’s friend and onto church for the candle light service later.

  • Going to try a new tradition this year – a new pair of PJ’s for everyone on Christmas eve. I know many of you have already do this, post how you make it special or a surprise.

  • Forgot the camera card for the camera. UGH! Where is my brain?

  • Read aloud: Life with Father, a very old classic with a grumpy Father who is definitely the “head” of his family. Some good laughs and old-fashioned values. Takes place in NYC in the late 1800’s.

  • Watched Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Sally Field. Can’t believe it was filmed before Mary was born in the earlier 1990’s.   Some good family values with many odd twists and turns.
  • December 31, 2010 is the last day to get a MultiPure Stainless Steel Countertop Unit with $200 off coupon.

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