Living on a Dime – How one family does it.

13 ebooks for $13.00

13 ebooks for $13.00

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration and feel ready to face the New Year with optimism and purpose. I , personally, have struggled to face the last few New Years since my husband and father-in-laws deaths.

But, the constant media barrage of negative reports about our national economy, unemployment, and ever increasing national debt have not helped my frame of mind either.

I want 2011 to be different!  Are you determined to get-0ut-0f debt, make healthier, home cooked meals, and get organized?

While I certainly don’t have all the answers and solutions I came across a new book entitled Radical Homemakers – Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture. One of the premises of this book according to author Shannon Hayes, is to build a “life-serving economy” while reducing our “reliance on the extractive economy.” (p. 59)

In other words, if we can find ways to reduce our expenses then the less dependent we are on the corporate paycheck and the better our family finances will become.

To me, Tawra Kellam and her mother Jill Cooper, are very inspirational and authoritative writers on learning to live more with less cash. Jill raised her two children as a single parent on $500 a month. Tawra and her husband paid off a $20,000 debt in five years on a low income while raising their young children.

From today through next Monday, the Living on a Dime ebooks have been discounted a whopping 85% off of the regular price. This once-a-year sale is a great deal because you can buy their 13 ebooks for $13.00. The 13 E-books include 445 pages of money saving tips, great recipes and plenty of inspiration to make life easier and more frugal!

For example the Money Management ebook is a 72 page e-book designed to help you say goodbye to debt! Packed with lots of stories and advice, this e-book is an essential tool for your Debt Elimination Kit.

Money Management includes the story of how Michael and Tawra paid off $20,000 debt on $22,000 per year income.

  • Do you find the idea of budgeting daunting? You’ll find information about how to make a budget and how to make budgeting simpler and easier.
  • Learn how to reduce your financial stress.
  • You don’t have to be a slave to debt!
  • Testimonial:
“We’ve learned so much from Tawra… As of last week, our regular bills are finally all paid up! We’re no longer behind on any of them and can start working on our debt instead of playing catch-up with the utility companies. This was due in very large part to Tawra and her mom’s wonderful advice, ideas and guidance.”-Karen from Ontario, Canada

“I was the most wasteful profligate spendaholic, I earned a lot, and thought I was entitled to spend every penny on myself. Now I have a savings, a growing IRA and have come to my senses.”  -Kathy from California

Their other ebooks show how to save money in the kitchen, put together delicious and easy dinners, get and keep your home organized, save money on kids activities, move on a budget, save money on creative gifts and much more.

I know you can will come up with enough practical tips, and money saving recipes to more than justify the $1.00 a book price. Besides, there is always a money back guarantee.

Check out the complete offer here.

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