Radical Homemaking – A Bosch Universal Plus Miracle

Bosch Universal Plus with Blender- 800 watts

Bosch Universal Plus with Blender- 800 watts

Frequently I am contacted about the availability of used mills and mixers by homemakers on extremely limited incomes.

Surprisingly, I almost never have used mills and mixers because people like them so much.

But I always try to encourage these resourceful ladies by saying,  “I have heard many stories over the years from ladies who committed their desire for a  mill and/or mixer to the Lord, and shortly thereafter found the ‘desire of their heart’ for a small fraction of retail prices at thrift stores, yard sales, and even by gifting.”

Today, I want to tell you about another real life example of a successful barter by a needy homemaker of soon-to-be eight children, for an almost new Bosch Universal Plus. Tina O’s answer came in just a week or so after contacting me.  She has agreed for me to share her story.


Tina wrote to me about a week ago saying her husband had been unemployed for nearly two years and she had been faithfully making her family’s bread by hand about twice a week, and she had been praying for a way to barter some of her lotions, soaps, and other homemade products for a Bosch.

I wrote back to her saying that my experience is that I have heard from many homemaker’s that “delighted themselves in the Lord and He gave them the desire of their heart” (Psalm 37:4) usually through alternative means.

Sure enough, just a week later, Tina sent me her version of  her Bosch miracle and how the Lord answered her prayer.  Tina writes:

Tina’s Answered Prayer

“Dear Marilyn,

I wanted to share a MIRACLE with you!!  I was able to obtain a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, with the help of my two eldest sons, from a lady locally.  She had bought one but didn’t use it and needed firewood cut, stacked, chores around her house, etc. and my boys offered to help her. She couldn’t pay, but just happened to have this mixer . . . . they are trading work for the mixer!  I cried, not just at the thought of being able to obtain an item that I so needed, but because God has answered my prayer and my boys were so willing to help to keep mama “making bread”.”

Follow-up Comment from Tina

After I asked Tina for permission to reprint her “Bosch Miracle” story, she writes:

You have no idea what a blessing this is to my family and a treasure to me. You are right, the future will be bartering.  Perhaps you could be the first to set up a “network” on your site, giving mothers a way to obtain what they might need from other mothers that are willing to barter? Everyone has a talent and something to offer, many are living on one income and some are like us, no income, so there must be another way to obtain the goods we need for daily living. ”

Your Testimonials

I hope Tina’s experience will encourage anyone who has a deep desire for goods or services they can’t pay for to pray and commit the matter to the Lord.  I would also like to hear from homemakers who are already successfully bartering their goods or services for something their family needs or have something of value they would like to barter with others.

Or if you have had a similar experience as Tina or when your prayer is answered, would you please share your testimonials with me so I can share your experience in my blog or newsletter to encourage others?

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