Real Food and Nutrition Preview

Food not Nutrients , Kristen Michaelis explores the concept of nutritionism in depth with some help  from Michael Pollan.

Food not Nutrients, Kristen Michaelis explores the concept of nutritionism in depth with some help from Michael Pollan.

Real Food and Nutrition

Kristen Michaelis’ class Real Food and Nutrition is designed for those aged 12 and up  who desire to understand what the Real Food and Sustainable Living movement is all about.  In the 10 week ecourse you will:

  • Read first-hand accounts from inside the Real Food Revolution,

  • Watch video footage of the leading thinkers behind the sustainable food movement,

  • Engage the course materials in a critical, thoughtful way

  • Participate in an online community learning experience.

  • Do experiments at the grocery store, in your kitchen, and (if possible) local farms.

  • Watch informative yet entertaining videos

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2 comments to Real Food and Nutrition Preview

  • How do you make yogurt and kefer out of powdered milk?
    Should I purchase a maker for this?
    I have tried making yogurt but it never thickens.

    Thank you for your web site. Many women in this area are trying to learn how to live the old fashioned way.

    A personal question. I am wondering what your husband died of. You eat so healthy it boggles my mind that he would pass away so young.

    The ministry that you both started has helped so many people and we are so blessed by it. Thank you and him for listening to the call of the Lord.

  • Marilyn Moll

    To make kefir or yogurt out of powdered milk you would make milk up according to the package directions and then use that milk to make the kefir or yogurt.

    The way to make yogurt thickened is to use additional powdered milk to the amount of milk needed for the recipe so it is more “concentrated”, or to use pectin or gelatin.

    For more information, I would check out Making the Best of Basics, or Cooking with Home Storage.

    Regarding my husband’s early death, I think it only proves that:

    Diet is not the whole equation to health and life
    God is Sovereign and he alone determines the number of our days as it says in the Bible.

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