Shanty? Fort? Survival shelter?- Complete Brilliance!!!

This last Monday my kids were free! Yes, our homeschool year is complete and I, Kathy, am working hard on the Urban Homemaker! So freedom abounds for the Marsh Trio who are full fledged 2nd grade graduates!

This week has been full of rain, but that is not a deterrent for the kids. They set out and asked if they could build a fort. My response was “Yes!” A few days go by and the kids present their creation to us, but as I walk up to it I ask myself, “Is it a shanty? A fort? A survival shelter?” and then it dawns on me!

It is complete and utter brilliance!

One might want me to explain my definition of brilliance…… I am thrilled to!

  • This shelter was built by 2 brothers and 1 sister in full team work compliance from morning till night. It was their creation. This is where you would have found our children all this week, all day long.
  • Jamie used some of her strengths for decorating the interior. Yes, the brothers did help!

  • They picked up and used every scrap piece of wood, hay baling string, scrap hay, horse toys to make it.
  • They used what was in their minds and built it. They could articulate all the whys and the why nots. They used survival strategies, science, math, history and plain old life skills to make this plan a reality.
  • The structure has a name and a theme: survival. The kids are reading, bird watching, and realized what is around them is a blessing and it was made plain to them.
  • They formed an outreach. The neighbor boys meet them after they are done with school and their fort was started a few days ago.  The relationship building, imagination and thrill are so fun for all.

  • Lastly, these 8 yr olds showed daily faith! They were determined, mindful, and weren’t in a rush. The fort is still not complete and I hope this whole summer it never is.

I am so blessed and amazed by my children and their actions. They are such a help and a blessing to both their Dad and me. When Wayne and I walked out to have the first tour of the survival fort- I was blown away. I had no idea that what we taught them all through the year was fully regurgitated with a simple building structure. This freedom experienced will be a true memory maker for them- again a privilege and a blessing. This is one memory we will treasure from our rocking chairs!

So may you be amazed at what freedom can ignite! It may look like a shanty, but upon a closer look it just might be BRILLIANCE!!

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  • Bonita

    Wow, does that bring back memories. All 3 of our children were homeschooled and we encouraged them to use all the above mentioned skills also. They sure came up with some creative things over the years. Enjoy and treasure these years, for they go by too quickly. I LOVE seeing and hearing about siblings that work together and love each other. Homeschooling truly encourages family unity. Thanks for the post!!

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