So What's in Your Mattress?

Did you know the typical mattress gains 10 –20 pounds over its life because your home contains millions of dust mites and their fecal matter live in mattresses, furniture, carpet, and children’s stuffed toys?  Not a very pleasant topic but there is an easy, safe solution to a nasty household problem.

Here’s the scoop:

Dust mites are microscopic. About 50 of them can fit on the head of a pin. They  feast on the fungus that grows from dead skin cells and animal dander.

On average, one dust mite produces 20 fecal pellets daily. These droppings are the most  common cause of dust-related allergies and asthma.

Dust mites product 200 times it’s body weight in excrement during their normal life span. They can live without food for up to a year.

The average life cycle for a male house dust mite is 10 to 19  days and a female house dust mite can last up to 10 weeks, laying 60 to 100 eggs in the last 5 weeks of her life. In her average life span, she will produce approximately 2,000 fecal particles.

Their favorite breeding spots are:
  • Beds
  • Vehicle seats
  • Pillows
  • Pet beds
  • Comforters
  • Sofas
  • Stuffed toys
  • Anywhere organic material collects
  • Upholstery

Mattresses and upholstery  are warm, often moist, cozy, easy to burrow into environments filled with the dust mites  choice of food…dead skin cells.  Unfortunately dead skin cells do not readily vacuum away or launder well on upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows etc.

The fecal matter of dust mites is lighter than air and becomes airborne when disturbed by activity like fluffing pillows and tossing and turning during the night and especially disturb those prone to allergies and asthma.

I think you will pleased to know that Norwex Mattress Cleaner is a natural product which contains non-pathogenic microorganisms that are the active ingredients.  These microorganisms do not cause disease but instead they are good bacteria and they work to “eat up” all the accumulated dander, dead dust mites, and dust mite fecal matter that has accumulated in the mattresses, pillows, upholstery, etc. and convert it into carbon dioxide and water

This spray leaves no residue.  Some people who have used this product have reported the elimination of snoring, reduction in the severity and frequency of asthma, eczema, bronchitis, rhinitis, morning sneezes, itchy eyes and blocked nasal passages and even improved sleep!

The Mattress Cleaner Spray only needs to be used quarterly (more often if you have severe allergies).  Use approximately 5 sprays for a twin mattress, 8 sprays for a double, 12 sprays for a queen/king size bed, 1-2 for a pillow, 2 sprays for stuffed animal and 5 sprays on fabric upholstered sofas.

What a simple, healthy solution to a nasty topic.  Try it today!

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