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marilynmollsnorwexbannerMy mission with Norwex Enviro Products is to drastically improving the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

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Testimonial of the month:
After I peeled my hands off the sides of my head and took a breath, I went and got a damp Norwex Enviro cloth. I couldn’t believe it, but it took black Sharpie off of all three couch cushions! I have a two year old. True story.” Michele K

Testimonials about the Face and Neck Gel (This product is perfect for under 35 skin and as a toner for more mature skin.  Both my daughters and I love it!
Dear Julie,  (This is a true story shared with my friend Julie and we have been given permission to share)

My daughter is pregnant with her second child.  She has developed the same horrible, angry, itching rash on her abdomen that she had with the first child.  None of the women on the Mom’s blogs have been able to find a solution.  Neither has her midwife.  She even told my daughter that the rash has lasted for some women 6 months after birth!  And Katie had it so bad last time that it spread to her legs and arms.  Well I told her to try the Norwex face and neck gel.  Within days not only had the itching stopped but her skin completely cleared up!!  She is now going to bring the gel to her midwife and let her see her abdomen and the solution! I have chosen to just show the after pictures of the pregnant belly  below:

One more reason why I love Norwex!!
Mary Jean P
Norwex consultant

Dear Marilyn,

“This house has 4 rooms that have hardwood floors, and 3 with Tile. Sweeping all those floors wasn’t working for me, so I ordered the Norwex  Superior Mop and it’s usefulness has really made my day! It makes life so much easier for me since I have 5 bulging discs in my back, 4 abdominal hernias, and amessed up rotator cuffs in both shoulders. I just push the Mop along, and let one of my children do the honors of sweeping up what it caught at the end. Another child gets to take the dry mop head outside and brush the stuff off.”Superior_Mini_Mo_492dba095960f

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