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12WeekCan you believe it’s that time to begin thinking about the upcoming holidays?

By getting started with the 12 Week Holiday Planner you can break down all the tasks of holiday plans into an organized and manageable system. The Holiday Planner, by Marilyn Moll and Sheri Graham,  begins the first week of October and I know  You will LOVE it!

Click Here for a complimentary copy of Week One Forms and information.

I’m also very excited to tell you about the BRAND NEW Update!

All forms from The Holiday Planner are in an editable PDF format included in a “zipped” folder just for YOU!

Yes, that’s right!  We recently added a brand new feature to The Holiday Planner…editable PDF files of ALL the forms that are included in The Holiday Planner!  When you purchase The Holiday Planner, you will not only receive the eBook PDF file, but also a “zipped” file that contains all the forms from The Holiday Planner in editable PDF format.

What this means is that you will NOW be able to type into the fields to customize the forms specifically for your family.  Once you have them edited as you want, then simply print them, or save them to edit more later.  You will LOVE these!

We pray they will bless you as our desire is to make this planner very usable and helpful!

“Our desire in putting together this holiday planner is to provide a practical way for you to plan out your holidays so they are enjoyable, less stressful, and more filled with the things that really matter.”  Sheri Graham, co-author

Testimonials from women who have used the Planner:

Dear Marilyn,

“I purchased The Holiday Planner last year and I absolutely love it.  I used it every day last year and I plan to use it every year from now on.  More than anything,  I appreciated how The Holiday Planner constantly reminded me to slow down, observe the wonderful joys of the season and of my children and to focus on what Christ would hope we would focus on.  I highly recommend this book.  Love love love it.” Shae

Dear Marilyn,

I found it very helpful to have a plan to go by instead of scurrying around wondering what to do next.  By the time December rolled around, we had everything done and were able to just have fun.  .”  Lindy Sellars

Dear Marilyn,

“I really enjoyed this tool. I used the charts the most.  I enjoyed writing down all those ideas for Christmas in one place.  I didn’t have to search for slips of paper or reinvent the wheel, so to speak. ”   Jamie Payne


You can download the entire 14 – page Holiday Planner Sampler for FREE.
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