The Big Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned

Front Cover of my Book of Wisdom

Front Cover of my Book of Wisdom

Ed Note:

The following article is written by my daughter Laura Coble, a young mom expecting her second baby in March.  You can read her blog at The Coble Column.

As a Grandmother, I  think it would be great to get started with a book of Wisdom to pass on to my grandchildren from Gramma.

Life Manual

The other day I was reading about how a mom wished that there was some kind of “life” manual that could be handed down from mother to daughter, through the generations.  In it would be favorite recipes, budgeting tips, medicinal remedies, child training recommendations and so on.  I know for myself I have often wished that I had a manual for life.  It seems there ought to be some kind of Book of Wisdom filled with practical advice, such as, “when your child does x, implement y“.

I like to think that back in the “good ole’ days” when families weren’t so spread out, knowledge and wisdom about life skills was handed down both verbally and through personal experience.  During family get-togethers, probably at least a dozen people held “baby Susie” and at least a great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt, and aunt-twice-removed gave the new mother, and any young girls present, advice on soothing a fussy baby.

At first this could sound like a nightmare, we all know about mother-in-law jokes, and probably many of us have such a mother-in-law, or mother, or aunt-twice-removed who likes to give unwanted advice.  But my point is that people long ago, when generations of a family all lived in the same town, probably didn’t go running out to Barnes and Noble for a self-help book on child training, they had the knowledge and wisdom of the ages passed down to them already.

Create Your Own Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned

So when this woman was wishing for a book that held all the life lessons learned by her ancestors, I thought, why not?  Why not create such a book that I could pass onto my children some day, and Lord willing, they will continue to add to and then pass onto their kids.  Thus the “Big Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned” was inspired.

You could make such a book as simple or elegant as you want.  I just bought a three-ring binder at Wal-Mart, scrapbooked a cover page, and then inserted dividers.  I broke the book down into six categories, marriage, family, kids, household, finances, and faith, with two extra tabs for future categories.

My plan and hope is when Brandon or I, or both of us, learn something in any of these categories, we will quickly jot down a note about it.  The note doesn’t have to be a whole essay, just a couple of sentences on what we learned.  For example, under kids I’d like to write down some of the things I’ve learned about helping Job sleep through the night, under household I’d like to put some tips for organizing that I’ve learned lately, and under marriage, well I could definitely put a lot down for that category (not because I’m so smart but because there is so much I’ve had to learn!)

Hopefully Brandon and I can be faithful to fill out short little notes in our book so that one day this book will be a valuable tool of insight for our children and even children’s children.

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