Avoid Dehydration – Drink Water for Life

Why Drink Water for Life?

Although summer has not officially arrived, hot, dry summer temperatures have arrived. It’s time to revisit the importance of drinking plenty of water for health. Be sure to keep a water bottle with pure filtered water for yourself and each of your children to keep yourselves well-hydrated this summer.

If you are pregnant or nursing you need to be drinking for two!

Children need water instead of juice or pop. When they are thirsty you will be glad to offer them pure, filtered, Multi-Pure Water Multi-Pure water costs only 8 cents a gallon and is much more convenient and pure than bottled water.  Be sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

If you think you are getting sick – drink a glass of water every half hour to help flush your body. Athletes need to drink lots of water before and after exercise to allow your body to recover. There is no substitute for just, plain, filtered, clear, delicious water.

Tap water is full of contaminants – up to 2100 contaminants have been identified by the EPA.  Only 80 are regulated.  Contaminants in tap water include herbicides, chlorine, pesticides,cysts, and trihalomethanes.

So drink pure Multi-Pure filtered water.
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