Five Minutes to Whole Grain Artisan Bread

Ed Note: I promised a whole grain version of my five minutes to Artisan Bread Recipe some time ago. It’s so simple the holidays may be a good time to try it. Serve with a hot, steaming, fragrant pot of soup!

I couldn’t believe my first attempt at Artisan Bread came out so […]

Five Minutes to Artisan Bread

I couldn’t believe my first attempt at Artisan Bread came out so beautifully with such a small effort on my part.

My neighbor received the following recipe from her son and she wasn’t happy with the results. So she gave me a copy of the recipe and VOILA. Delicious bread with no kneading. This recipe […]

Lessons from a Christmas Cookie Marathon

So my friend Patty and I planned an all day baking/cooking marathon for Saturday. We got a little bit of a late start – that was fine with me. Patty had shopped for the ingredients and planned to bring her mom’s tried and true recipe for Pecan tarts.

That is when the best laid plans […]

Creme Brulee with Chocolate

Do you dream of a “dessert angel” sneaking into your kitchen and preparing a delicious and rich dessert for your family? It only requires five ingredients.

Mentoring Moms are demonstrating and serving Creme Brulee on Friday for an elegant and easy dessert lesson.

To prepare ahead, I spent a mere 90 minutes with my friend […] is back is back is back! I am very excited about re-connecting with you my faithful friends, readers and customers! After passing the baton from The Urban Homemaker to the Marsh family in April, my passion for homemaking remains but with a new twist!

My Mission

My mission at will […]

Monday Morning Mix

Happy Valentine’s Day to you All. I wanted to remind you that today is the last day of the Wondermill and Wondermill Junior old pricing. I also wanted you to have this fantastic and simple Chocolate Peppermint Custard for your Valentine’s and an opportunity to learn something from Penny Pinchin Momma. (details follow)

Last Day […]

Oregon Odyssey and Adventures

After much prayer, fear and trepidation we are safely enjoying our first family Christmas away from “home” in over twenty-five years. If you like traditions, you know this has been a challenge.

Mary and I made the first half of our Colorado to Klamath Falls, OR trip with few incidents and cooperative weather on Tuesday. […]

Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Our family enjoys the same Christmas breakfast each year, Pecan Cinnamon Rolls, Turkey sausage (recipe below) and Holiday Scramble after the “stockings are opened”. This is so easy I don’t do day-before-preparations.

This year we will have Christmas breakfast at my daughter’s so I’ll let you know what we decide to have. My guess is […]

My Favorite Christmas Cookies

I was invited to two cookie exchanges this year. I normally don’t go to the cookie exchanges because of past experiences when I had to take home store bought cookies to replace my hours of hard work. These exchanges worked a little differently, we could pick and choose from the choices up […]

Savory Treats and Appetizers

Take a class and learn to compliment holiday sweets with savory appetizers and classic winter dishes – spiced nuts, yogurt cheese spread, braised winter herbs and plenty of nourishing dips. Register Here.

VIDEO: How to make radish roses, carrot curls and other vegetable crudites VIDEO: How to make chicken liver pate VIDEO: How to roast […]

Don’t Throw Out Those Turkey Bones

Several years ago, I was told by an older wiser mom, that the secret to her soup is in making homemade broth. Years later, I learned that the chicken base/bouillon cubes I was buying were actually loaded with MSG, and not only unhealthy but a poor facsimile to the real broth in health and taste.


Free Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes Download

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu from The Urban Homemaker

Turkey, Homemade Gravy*, Herbed Stuffing*,

Mashed Potatoes, Aunt Helen’s Sweet Potatoes*, Green Beans Amandine,

Cranberry Relish Jello Salad*

Pumpkin Bread*, Fantastic Whole Wheat Rolls*,

Apple Pie*, Pecan Pie*, and […]

Holiday Sweets and Treats!

Love Christmas cookies and chocolate fudge? Learn the healthy way of making these favorite holiday sweets with whole grains, good-for-you fats like butter and coconut oil and natural sweeteners. This class will be December 6. Register Here.

Class Includes:

VIDEO: How to soak flour and make buttermilk gingerbread

VIDEO: How to maple sugar walnuts


Loss Leader Menu

This week chuck roast is on sale at my local grocery store. I will buy at least a five pound roast because there are so many ways to use the leftovers. *Leftover ideas are posted below.

Here is the menu I’m going to use to take advantage of the savings. I already have a whole […]

Battling the Grocery Gremlin

By Laura Moll Coble (Laura is also author of Value Meals for Busy Moms)

I don’t know about you, but my most frustrating shopping experiences happen at the grocery store! It never seems to fail that when I think I have about $50 worth of groceries in my basket, they add up to $100. […]