The Idol of Success

My Sunday School class has been looking at idols of the heart that can get in the way of effective parenting. We studied Ezekial 14:1-16 and discovered that as long as there were idols in the hearts of the prophets, God let them have it their way. The results were not pretty.

One idol of […]

Be In Health Conference

Two weeks ago, my daughter Mary and I got to attend the For Their Life TM Workshop in Thomaston, Georgia. The week involves nearly 40 hours of intensive teaching and training on what the Bible says about disease and much more.

Did you know that 3 John 2 says: “I pray that you may enjoy […]

Hero Moms Incarnating Proverbs 31

Ed Note: Here is the recording of a recent phone interview with Kevin Swanson regarding the story of The Urban Homemaker.

Hero Moms Incarnating the Proverbs 31 Vision

The Urban Homemaker In a day of fragmented families and big-business oriented economies, one family’s vision took them on an amazing journey. The life […]

Before I was a Mom

Ed Note: This was sent to me by my sister with no copyright. A reader has notified me this quote actually appeared in a book by Mary LaGrand Bouma, The Creative Homemaker, which came out in 1973. I believe Bouma was probably the original author — just thought you might want to know.

Before I […]

I am a ‘Kept’ Woman!

There have been times when I thought I would lose my mind, but God kept me sane. Isaiah 26:3 –

There were times when I thought I could go on no longer But the LORD kept me moving. (Gen 28:15)

At times, I’ve wanted to lash out at those whom I felt had done me […]

Introducing TeaBreakConnection

INTRODUCING TEA BREAK CONNECTION by Laura Coble My mom honored me with the request that I write a column to be included in her newsletter. I feel a bit unworthy in this endeavor as many of you have been married a long time (like more than two months), and many of you are hard at […]

Wedding and Family Updates

I hope to have some  more wedding pictures up early next week.  Sadly, my father-in-law, who walked Laura down the aisle in place of her recently deceased father Duane, passed away as soon as he got home from the wedding.  It has been a whirlwind of activities these last two weeks, and I hope to […]

An Emotional Day, A Good Day

Today, my daughters Laura, Mary and I, had the privelege of welcoming home Laura’s fiance Brandon’s unit from the 101st Airborne from Ft Campbell from a 14 month deployment in Iraq.

We arose at 3:00 am to be at the parking lot at 5:00 am and then we were bussed to the […]

Bull Moose Visits our Neighborhood!

Although we live out in the country, so-to-speak, we don’t usually see wildlife such as a moose. In fact, 60 moose were introduced onto the Grand Mesa area (about 50 miles away) in the last two years. Apparently, the moose like it here as there is talk that their population has more than doubled in […]

NOURISHING TRADITIONS – Upcoming Conference Information

Dear Friends,

As you know I have strongly advocated the principles of Nourishing Traditions and a Nutrient Dense Diet (scroll way down) for several years. Today, I’m delighted to tell you about the Deidre Currie Festival which has great guest speakers, including Sally Fallon, lined up to teach more about traditional foods and nutrition on […]

Laura’s Engagement Story

Last week I was invited to the home of local Paonia residents Joan and Ron Beers, grandparents to my daughter’s boyfriend Brandon Coble, for a family dinner. Brandon’s parents, sisters, sister’s boyfriend, sister’s husband, uncle and aunt were there as well. (Stephen and Mary were out of town.)

Brandon has been serving our country […]

Fresh and Wyld Farmhouse Inn & Gardens

AKA The Farmhouse, Paonia, Colorado

Great recipes for using seasonal veggies like Chard, Kale, Corn, and Zucchini follow:

The following recipes are courtesy of renowned Aspen Chef Dava Parr (Paonia, resident). Chef Dava was pleased to share her delicious recipes with us and The Rocket (also known […]

Crystal, Colorado

Crystal, Colorado is nearly a ghost town except for a few remaining cabins, occupied by dedicated seasonal residents. These cabins are leftover from its’ colorful mining heyday of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Most residents moved out by 1920.

Crystal is probably most famous for the frequently photographed Crystal Mill above. It […]

Leadership Training Course

My son Stephen left June 16, 2008 for LTC (Army lingo for Leadership Training Course) at Ft Knox, near Louisville, KY. His departure was exactly two months after his Dad (Duane) died. Needless to say, sending your son off to 4 weeks of intensive physical and mental challenges and training is a little hard on […]

Father’s Day Picnic – Erickson Springs, CO

Erickson Springs is a camping/picnicing area about 45 minute drive from here. With the gorgeous Anthricite River rushing through, we go there often. We decided to roast hot dogs, make Somemore’s and play Rummicube, all outdoor/family camping traditions. The weather was picture perfect. The Ragged Mountains and Antricite provided a heaven-made backdrop. I am finding […]