Pictures from Ouray, Colorado

We arrived in Ouray about 5:00 pm on Tuesday night, June 3. After we checked into our room at the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs we enjoyed a leisurely dinner followed by a short soak in the hot springs. The hot water does wonders for relieving my achy bones and broken heart. Later […]

The Homemaker’s Mentor

I just found out two of my favorite and most talented authors, Martha Green and Rebekah Wilson, authors of The Treasury of Homekeeping Skills and The Hope Chest and Grandmother’s Hope Chest books respectively, have a vision to train woman in many useful homemaking skills that you probably weren’t taught by your mother growing up.


Compare Top Drinking Water Contaminants

Last week I talked about the best way to address emerging contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, in drinking water.

Many people wrote to me asking me to clarify what the benefit of an R/O (Reverse Osmosis) Drinking Water System is, and how they can know which type of system is best for their family.

Today, I […]

Dr Denmark Said It – Common sense advise for home health

Who in the world knows what’s best for my baby?’ You do!” says Dr. Leila Denmark. Dr. Denmark is a well-known pediatrician, who is considered the longest practicing pediatrician, who cared for thousands of children for 75 years! That is right she retired in her 90’s, and just celebrated for 110 birthday last month.

In […]

Hot Cross Buns

Remember the children’s nursery rhyme that goes as follows?

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns If you have no daughters, give them to your sons One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns were sold in the street to the […]

Response to AP article on water contaminated with Pharmaceuticals


I received the following information from the leading manufacturer of solid carbon block drinking water filters to the story about Pharmaceuticals in water today. I hope you will read it, and realize there is no need for alarm or fear. Prudent homemakers will invest in the most […]


I mentioned that we had Mentoring Moms on Monday. It was my turn to teach so I talked about freezer meals and different ways to get your freezer stocked without spending from morning till night and getting exhausted.

As a group we made a giant batch of Chicken Pot Pie. Everyone got a small casserole […]

Winter Wonderland in Paonia, Colorado

Last week I talked about how we had been having 1-3 inches of snow every few days for about 3 weeks. Now I know you think heavy snow is normal for Colorado, but that is really only true in the mountain areas. Most of the state is semi-arid plains so we get very little precipitation […]

Cream of Chicken Soup

I had several requests for this soup recipe mentioned in last week’s newsletter. This recipe is courtesy of my friend Belinda who said use some of this and some of that. I have done my best to write down what I actually did. It turned out great. My husband said, “You can make this again!”


Mrs America’s Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies – 1956

Holiday sugar cookies

This post and recipe is for lovers of anything vintage. Last year, our local paper carried a story about a vintage Nebraska Cookie Cutter purchased in an antique shop that included Mrs. Carl Dietemeyer’s Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie […]

Life is Fragile, Count your blessings…

I was reminded about how fragile life can be again this morning. I received an email from a friend telling me about a homeschool mom of seven, a friend I had lost touch with, who suddenly had a heart attack and died two weeks after the birth of her 7th child. This dear momma has […]

Jesse Tree Devotionals

The Jesse Tree Devotional is different than advent as it tells the whole story of the coming of the Savior starting in the book of Genesis. Start the Jesse Tree Devotional readings by Ann Voskamp 30 days before Christmas. The devotional includes 30 readings culminating with the birth of Christ. When you purchase you will […]

Mama’s Apron

I’ve completed a vintage fabric apron using the pattern found in The Apron Book. I was inspired by both the book and the poem Mama’s Apron reprinted below. This poem captures the essence of a home and family centered life.

National TIE ONE ON DAY, the brainchild of EllynAnne Geisel, author of The Apron Book, […]

Do the Next Thing

I learned years ago from Elisabeth Elliot, that when you are tired, discouraged, exhausted, confused, whatever, to do the next thing. This simple advise has carried me through many a trial and many difficulties.

I just learned this phrase is based on a poem by an author unknown. I found the poem reprinted in Passionate […]

A Job or a Ministry? That is the question.

Recently I attended a luncheon for a Christian organization where the speaker asked us if we were performing a ministry or a job? She said that Charles Spurgeon, famous 19th Century pastor wrote: “A job is a choice; a ministry is at Christ’s call.”

As I pondered her thoughts, I quickly realized her questions apply […]