Five Minutes to Whole Grain Artisan Bread

Ed Note: I promised a whole grain version of my five minutes to Artisan Bread Recipe some time ago. It’s so simple the holidays may be a good time to try it. Serve with a hot, steaming, fragrant pot of soup!

I couldn’t believe my first attempt at Artisan Bread came out so […]

Avoid Dehydration – Drink Water for Life

Why Drink Water for Life?

Although summer has not officially arrived, hot, dry summer temperatures have arrived. It’s time to revisit the importance of drinking plenty of water for health. Be sure to keep a water bottle with pure filtered water for yourself and each of your children to keep yourselves well-hydrated this […]

What Simple Tradition Tickles Your Family?

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things, not the great occasions-give off the greatest glow of happiness.” (Bob Hope)

My goal, this Christmas holiday season, is to focus on the simple, memory making activities that are short on expense, and long on […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, Now what?

If you missed Black Friday or Cyber Monday Doorbuster deals, I have good news for you, although it is bittersweet for me!

I spent today clearing my bookshelves of items I no longer need. Now that Mary is set to graduate in May, I am no longer a homeschool mom after 23 year […]

Real or Artificial Christmas tree?

To do or not to do, that is the question! To get a real tree or an artificial tree was the choice Mary and I wrestled with over the Black Friday week-end. My late husband, Duane, insisted we decorate for the holidays with a REAL Christmas tree each year.

So one of our favorite […]

The Big Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned

Front Cover of my Book of Wisdom

Ed Note:

The following article is written by my daughter Laura Coble, a young mom expecting her second baby in March. You can read her blog at The Coble Column.

As a Grandmother, I think it would be great to get started with a book […] is back is back is back! I am very excited about re-connecting with you my faithful friends, readers and customers! After passing the baton from The Urban Homemaker to the Marsh family in April, my passion for homemaking remains but with a new twist!

My Mission

My mission at will […]

Give Away: Magnet Ball and Ultra Power Plus Combo

Give Away: Magnet Ball and Ultra Power Plus Combo – $64.98 Retail Value

The Magnet Ball softens hard water without the use of any chemicals or other consumable products. Softened water will enable you to cut the […]

Monday Morning Mix

Happy Valentine’s Day to you All. I wanted to remind you that today is the last day of the Wondermill and Wondermill Junior old pricing. I also wanted you to have this fantastic and simple Chocolate Peppermint Custard for your Valentine’s and an opportunity to learn something from Penny Pinchin Momma. (details follow)

Last Day […]

Friday Freebies and Last Day to Save on Mills and Mixers

Read the Class Details and Save $20 with Coupon Code Below

Celebrating 20 Years in Business: With a Friday Freebie, last Day to Save on Real Food & Nutrition Class, and Bosch Universal Plus and Nutrimill:

Sheri Graham, has offered to share her ebook Bountiful Breakfasts with us for this […]

Get Those Dirty Dishes out of the Sink!

Kitchen Cabinet Installation is Completed

Ed Note: I’ll confess up front, I’m not always diligent about keeping up with the dishes and there are only two of us living here right now. But I so love a tidy kitchen, especially my beautiful remodeled kitchen with its beautiful cabinets and count tops. I […]

Oregon Odyssey and Adventures

After much prayer, fear and trepidation we are safely enjoying our first family Christmas away from “home” in over twenty-five years. If you like traditions, you know this has been a challenge.

Mary and I made the first half of our Colorado to Klamath Falls, OR trip with few incidents and cooperative weather on Tuesday. […]

My Favorite Christmas Cookies

I was invited to two cookie exchanges this year. I normally don’t go to the cookie exchanges because of past experiences when I had to take home store bought cookies to replace my hours of hard work. These exchanges worked a little differently, we could pick and choose from the choices up […]

Don’t Throw Out Those Turkey Bones

Several years ago, I was told by an older wiser mom, that the secret to her soup is in making homemade broth. Years later, I learned that the chicken base/bouillon cubes I was buying were actually loaded with MSG, and not only unhealthy but a poor facsimile to the real broth in health and taste.


Will Wheat Prices Become Volatile?

I just read this article on the New Harvest Homestead Discussion group that suggests that the wheat market may become volatile because Russia, a major wheat exporter, ceased exports this past summer because of a poor crop harvest. That means that the countries that depended upon Russia (including Iraq) will now be looking elsewhere for […]