8 Key Considerations for Cleaning Without Chemicals

Green Enviro Cloth and other colors

I just received this testimonial about the all-purpose _Norwex Enviro Cloth:

The other day my grandson was making “pancakes” out of silly putty at the kitchen counter. The moment I turned my back I found him making pancakes on the Living Room […]

Introducing Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm, a member of the mint family grows profusely all around my cinder block raised bed garden. It is the only plant that comes back every year more prolific than the last year no matter how much I neglect it and try to rip out unwanted leafy sprouts throughout the garden. […]

Salad Garden Success

A wide assortment of Spring salad lettuces, peas, and radishes

As an aspiring gardener, I yearn to sow the earliest seeds of spring into the garden-lettuce, peas, kale, spinach, arugula, mustards, carrots, radish…yum, you get the idea. These early, fresh spring crops are up in the garden and paying off on the salad plate. […]

Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs made up

I love this hands on, easy, and fun idea that have multiple purposes. Plastic Easter eggs are very inexpensive and the items that go in the eggs are easily found around the house for pennies. Have fun with your little ones.

The plastic Easter eggs are each filled […]

Top Cookie Baking Tips

Gorgeous Cookie Assortment Measure Flour Correctly and Avoid Over mixing the Batter

Don’t over mix cookie dough or brownie batter once the dry ingredients have been added; doing so would overdevelop the gluten, which could hinder tenderness and result in an unpleasant texture.

Sift Nuts and Chocolate

Sift any chopped nuts or chocolate that […]

Roasted Pumpkin – 5 Simple Steps

Delicious and nutritious pumpkin seeds

Preheat oven to 300°F. Scoop the seeds from the cavity and place in a colander. Pinch away all the large chunks of squash flesh and strings, the seeds don’t have to be perfect. Run cool water over the colander to remove any additional squash flesh. For best results, allow […]

Putting the Garden to Bed

Cooler temperatures and an occasional snowstorm tell us it’s time to put the garden to bed and store the fall harvest to be enjoyed throughout the winter.

Fall Harvest

At my home, potatoes have been dug up (one of my favorite garden chores) and stored away in a dry, cool place. I […]

Heirloom or Hybrid Seeds- Which is best?

Heirloom seeds versus hybrid seeds – which is better?

Heirloom or Hybrid, which is better? A review of the pros and cons of each seed type should help you determine which seed type meets your goals for a mouth-watering, flavorful and successful vegetable, flower, and herb harvest this season.

Hybrid seeds grow plants that […]

Spring Cleaning and Basic Package Give-Away

With the great Spring weather it’s time to start spring cleaning the easy, chemical-free way using Norwex Microfiber Products and water.

I love to see the sun shining through sparkling windows and the smell of fresh air without the use of expensive, controversial chemicals, and disposable paper towels, etc.

You can clean most of […]

Nurture Your Baby Chicks

You are the best protection your birds have! Pay attention to each criteria below for healthy chicks!

Ed Note: I have never raised baby chicks but my friend Lynn is for the first time, and she passed this information on to me. If you have experience with raising […]

Preparing for Passover

Ed Note: Our favorite Seder recipe are below. Matazh Kugle and the Chicken Soup with Matazah Balls are just outstanding recipes to try whether you celebrate a Seder or not

Passover begins at Sundown on Monday, March 25, 2013. Our church is celebrating a Seder and will be serving the following delicious menu after the […]

Giving Forward to Shonda Parker

Ed note: Shonda Parker, author of Mommy Diagnostics, Naturally Healthy and other best selling Natural Health books sold by The Urban Homemaker for many years, spent the last 25 years or so of her life teaching others about natural and healthy alternatives, including midwifery.

A Mother’s Guide to Using Trilight Herbal Products has […]

Time to Plant Peas, Potatoes and Onions

March 17 is the traditional time to plant peas, potatoes, and onions. I’m determined to have a great garden this year so I had manure and leaves turned into the raised beds today. Here are tips to getting started!

Peas are a cool-season crop, now coming in three separate varieties to suit your […]

Salt Your Way to Health

“Early in my medical career, I accepted the “low salt=lowered blood pressure” hypothesis unquestionably until…I began to study the medical literature about salt. What I found was astounding; there is little data to support low-salt diets being effective at treating hypertension for the vast majority of people. Also, none of the studies looked at the use of unrefined salt, which contains many valuable vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, which are vital to maintaining normal blood pressure.” […]

Step by Step Chocolate Mousse Recipe

For Valentine’s Day we decided we needed a “light” chocolate dessert. The five ingredients are basic, the steps are simple. The recipe will serve six or more depending on your appetite for chocolate. Here’s what you need:

4 large eggs

4-6 Tbsp sugar

2 Cups Heavy Cream

8 ounces […]