Solar Cooking Tips from a Pro

Written by Marilyn

My friends Tara Miller and Sam Brown have compiled numerous practical tips including a Five-Day Kitchen Diary to make cooking in the Global Sun Oven successful and fun. Sun Ovens are the perfect way to keep a kitchen cool while reducing energy consumption during the hottest days of summer.

Ed Note: They […]

Going Solar: Cooking for FREE

When I tell people that I purchased a solar oven they look at me funny, like they don’t get it. It’s almost as if they wonder how you plug it in. Or how do you get the sun to come into your kitchen where the oven is? YEP- I was asked this and once I […]

Father's Day Family Favorite Recipes

Dad’s are so easy! The way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach. Make these fantastic and oh so simple meals for dad on “his” day and watch the grin spread from ear to ear… throw in a little back rub and a few words of encouragement and his ‘tank’ will be filled.


Coconut Oil is Queen Among Saturated Fats

Since I have had several inquiries, recently, I wanted to explain how I use coconut oil, the benefits of using coconut oil in everyday cooking and baking, and a few reader testimonials.

I first discovered that Coconut Oil is a healthy fat about five years ago when I read Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally […]

Summer Tradition- Granola Bars

“What’s that recipe for granola bars?” – my hair stylist asked me. (She’s the best!)

Ok I’ll share! Enjoy…. I make these for most camping trips (whether camper camping or backpacking.) We eat them during the summer and it has become a summer tradition of sorts. I love that my family expects them and […]

Shanty? Fort? Survival shelter?- Complete Brilliance!!!

This last Monday my kids were free! Yes, our homeschool year is complete and I, Kathy, am working hard on the Urban Homemaker! So freedom abounds for the Marsh Trio who are full fledged 2nd grade graduates!

This week has been full of rain, but that is not a deterrent for the kids. They set […]

Rhubarb Cream Pie

Rhubarb is now in season! Here is a delicious, unusual twist on the traditional rhubarb pie since it contains eggs.

Now is the time to harvest rhubarb and freeze 1″ slices in 2 cup portions for quick and easy fruit desserts this summer or later in the winter. Try the no-fail pie crust – it […]

Which Ranch Dressing Tastes Best?

At our last Mentoring Moms, I did a blind taste test with three different versions of Ranch Dressing. I’ve noticed the commercial, bottled Ranch Dressing is getting prohibitively expensive and I hate the soy oil and MSG in it, so I decided to stop being lazy and make my own.

Our blind taste test included […]

Local Foods to Local Markets

Do you LOVE Farmer’s Markets and participate in your local market as a producer or a consumer?

Today I want to talk about ways you can help promote and support your local agricultural economy especially in Colorado. If passed, Colorado would join nearly 20 other states (plus 5 pending!) who already support cottage industry […]

The Urban Homemaker's Daughter Reminisces

Laura, my oldest daughter and her husband Brandon

Ed Note: Laura wrote some memories for me last week about being The Urban Homemaker’s daughter that made me cry, and I’m just now getting to posting the article.

I hope her reflections will encourage all parents who think they could have done […]

Child's Play

Ed Note: This article is written by my daughter Laura, a new mother and originally was posted to her blog: thecoblecolumner. I wish I had been as resourceful as Laura when I was a young mother. I hope this encourages young moms to enjoy their babies, because babies grow up very quickly! Reprinted by […]

Exciting News from The Urban Homemaker

Nearly two years ago, in July of 2009, I wrote that it was time for The Urban Homemaker to have a “facelift”! It was as clear to me then as it is today that I am entering a new season of life as a widow and that I need to focus my […]

Spring Holidays Call for Old World Breads

Would you like a change from your daily whole grain bread? Spring holidays call for old world breads.

Challah is the traditional Jewish Sabbath bread, (except during Passover), it has no season but is particularly appropriate for a spring brunch, because its egg-rich dough will easily work into the traditional braid. Try serving it […]

Making Bone Broth Video Demonstration


Today I’m going to talk about the time-tested process of making bone broths in your kitchen to restore your health.

Today’s busy lifestyles, wide use of antibiotics and nutrient deficient foods have pre-disposed many children and young adults to unhealthy gut health resulting in sinus problems, gluten […]

New Give-Away – Shower Filter

Multi-Pure Shower Filter – $59.95 Retail Value

This Give-Away is now closed. The winner is #29 Debbie. Please email me at to claim your prize.

I have been talking about the health benefits of drinking pure filtered water for nearly 20 years. Most municipal water sources […]